Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tag Tutorial - When Irish Eyes - PTU

Tubes/Images of your Choice - I'm using a Tube and Close up

Artwork © Jennifer Janesko

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have

Scrapkit - A superb St Pats kit by my pal Clarey called "Luck of the Irish"
It's PTU and available from her store HERE

Xero Graphics Radiance

Mask of your Choice - I used one of my own Mask403


Open a New Image in PSP - 650 x 600

Add New Layer

Floodfill White


Open clarey_luckoftheirish_stamp frame2


Place centrally in the tag canvas

Image, Resize 70%


Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize,

and then change the Hue to 65 and the Saturation to 105


Move this stamp frame over to the top left of the canvas

Leave plenty of room on the top left and middle left though

Duplicate the frame layer

Image, Free Rotate, Right 20 degrees


move down the tag canvas to place as mine

Open Paper 4


Place under the rotated frame in the LP

then use Magic Wand on the usual selection settings

and do a Selection Delete with an Expand of 4

Open Paper 7


Place under the first frame in the LP

and repeat the Magic Wand Selection Delete as before

Open your Chosen Tube/Image/Close up


Place on the tag canvas

and move between the chosen frame and paper in the LP

so it's sandwiched in between - then

on the Image/Tube/Close Up layer

Apply Xero Radiance on these settings...

Strangeness - 103

Charm - 73

Truth - 82

Beauty - 131

Apply a favourite dropshadow if using a tube


use Selection Delete as before to get rid of the excess tube

Repeat for the other frame with either a close up or

different tube/image of your choice

This time, I didn't add the Radiance as my image was so light already

Open shamrockofshamrocks1

Resize 90%


Move down the LP so it's just above the White Background

Open Paper 9


Place below the shamrocks layer in the LP


Apply Vix_Mask403 to the Paper layer

Open the Emerald Glitter

Resize 60%


Move to the top right of the tag canvas

(see mine for placement)







Move both of these Glitter layers down the LP so that the bottom left on

is below the shamrock layer but above the masked paper layer

and the top right one is above the shamrock layer

Open curledribbon



Line it up with the top of the straight frame (see my tag for placement)


Duplicate the ribbon

Image, Free Rotate, 20 degrees right

and place along the bottom of the rotated frame

Open the potofgold

Resize 60%


Place as mine

Open shamrockdecoration



Place as mine

Now add dropshadows to the two frames

I used

0, 0, 38.00, 10.00 Black

Then, on the elements - I used 2, 2, 45, 5.00 Black

Now crop the tag canvas to remove any excess paper or tube/image that may be outside the canvas


add your name in a style and font of your liking

I used a glitter fill and added the name to the pot and used

the element dropshadow


Add your artist info

Delete the White Background and

Save as PNG

Hope you enjoy and if you celebrate St Patrick's Day - have a happy one!