Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tag Tutorial - PTU - Very Merry

This is another quite simple copy and paste tutorial, but
with another nice kit hehe :) xx


Please bear with me but for some reason Blogger Editor isn't displaying properly and I'm out of time to do my usual fancy schmancy links and what not - so I'm adding them here as web addresses and when Blogger is fixed I'll do them properly lol!

SO - you'll need

Tube of Choice - preferably one with different sized versions - I'm using one by Keith Garvey called "Christmas Pixie"
I love it!!
You can get this tube from PTE -
or use another triple tube or just one mahoosive tube and resize as needed

Kit - Merry Christmas! You can get it for 30% off
until the end of December at SATC and Clarey's Designz or

Mask by me - Vix_Mask434 - the snowflakey one from a while back

Click on the thumbnail to get the full sized one and right click and save to your
own computers

No other Filters needed


Open a New Image in PSP

700 x 600

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Then open Vix-MC-E21a (realistic tree with baubles
or use on of the other two coloured versions in the kit)


Move over to the left of the tag - middleish


Vix-MC-E1 (The Peppermint Twist Trio Frame)


Place under the tree in the LP (Layer Palette...that bit over on the right
of PSP which shows yer layers)

and then move over to the right of the tag canvas more

Lining it up as mine for positioning


Open your Tube/Close Up Combo

Get the full bodied tube


Line up as mine - making sure she's above the
other layers in the LP


Open the Middle sized tube


Place as mine - and move to just under the Tree layer


Duplicate this tube layer

Move one copy of the tube DOWN the LP so it's under the Frame layer

Hide the top copy of the tube for now

Apply a nice dropshadow to this Bottom tube layer

I went for






Now taking your Magic Wand on the usual settings (see the side Glossary
of Terms if you're unsure about Selection Erasing)

Click inside the botton frame area (the middle bit)


Modify Expand by 3



Don't hit Delete - we want to keep the top of the tube

So, just grab your Eraser and erase the bit of the tube at the bottom of
the frame area - ie. the skirt that overhangs the frame section

Selections None

Unhide the Top copy of this tube

Apply the same shadow then

Taking your Eraser again

Erase so the skirt area is once again removed
taking care not to erase any shadowed area on the bottom right of the tube

You may need to zoom in a bit for this bit - I know I did lol!
(I went into 200%)
So erase the area carefully on the right of the tube
then you can go a little madder and erase the rest of the
tube bottom as before so she now
appears to be emerging from the frame

(If you're not happy doing this erase part, then don't apply the shadow to the top tube copy
and then you can just do the erase without worrying about removing shadow)

OK, now for some papers within the frame

You can either apply one paper to each frame section
or one whole paper to all - you choose :)

To do this - and I'm gonna shorthand it

Click inside the area of frame you'd like filled
Selection Expand as we did for the Tube earlier


Don't Invert

Just take your chosen paper/s


Position within the selection

Now, Selections, Invert

Hit Delete on the Paper layer within the LP

Selections None

Move the paper down the LP so it's just above the White Background
and repeat as needed

I used Vix-MC-P11 (white one with red snowflakes)
for all three frame fills

So looking like mine?


So now,

Take your largest version of your tube


Place over to the right of the tag canvas

Sandwich this layer betweem the paper and frame layers in the LP

If you're having your tube filling the area, don't bother applying a shadow

but if - like me - you're having your face "peeking in" from the frame

then do :)

I used






(Big and Smudgy Central Shadow)

Then, once more do a Selection Expand Delete as before on this tube

Now CROP the tag to the current size 'cos if you've just

done the large tube and shadow combo, it's still there, sneakily hiding

outside of the tag canvas...

Wanna see? If yes, read on - if not, just crop and skip ahead to the asterisk

So, BEFORE you crop - Go to

Image, Canvas Size

and go to Width 750 x Height 600

LOOK! There it is all hiding under the outside of the tag canvas...schneaky lol!

This can sometimes cause problems with shadow lines on tags and excess tube bits too

Nothing irritates me like when I finish a tag, make a load for friends and then

see a flippin' shadow line or iffy cropped bit.

SO, in my tuts, I always crop to the actual canvas size to get rid of any of this stuff.

People sometimes wonder why I do it...and now, YOU know :D xx

Oh, so just go to your Undo Arrow and Click undo once to get back to your original

tag canvas size of 700 x 600 and NOW you can Crop to Canvas size of 700 x 600


Back to the tut...

*Open the Paper - Vix-MC-P7


Just above the White Back in the LP

Do another crop to canvas size


Open Vix-MC-E27 - one of the scatters


Place over on the right of the tag as mine

Making sure this layer is above all the others (we'll move down in a min)


then Move (don't mirror flip as the scatter is shadowed)

over to the left of the tag canvas area

Again, Position as Mine

Now move both of these layers down the LP

so they're just above the Mask layer


Now open Vix-MC-E74 - the wordart


It should position itself in the middle of the tag area?

If not, move down so it's in the middleish - see me tag for ref


Move down the LP so it's just above the Mask layer

Now taking your Magic Wand again

Click inside the three strip areas of the frame

Selection Modify Expand as before


Hit Delete on all the layers that show through this frame bit


the Mask Layer

The Wordart Layer

the two Scatter Layers

Once they've been deleted - Selections None

Now add a nice shadow to the frame layer

I used







Open Vix-MC-E23 - the sparkles


Place above all the other layers in the LP

and position as mine

Final bits now...

Add a dropshadow to your main tube and the tree

I used






Add your name in a font and style of choice

Place where you prefer


then add your Artist CR info and URL etc

Do one more crop to tag canvas - taking care not to crop the Sparkles layer

You might want to add a Black fill layer so you can see what you're doing :)

I got down to 691 x 570


Now, Delete the White Background (And black fill layer if you use one)

Merge all layers Visible


Save as a PNG file


Thanks for trying my tut, if you buy it, thanks for
buying the kit ((hugs)) and importantly - enjoy your tag hehe xx