Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tag Tutorial - PTU - Nightlife


Tube of Choice - I'm using one of my favourites by Barbara Jensen which you can purchase at SATC

Taggers Scrapkit - Nightlife by Gemini Creationz - which you can purchase from SATC

Xero Graphics

Mura Meister Copies

Xenofex 2

Eye Candy 4000

Although this is a copy and paste style tutorial, experience in using the filters and understanding of PSP layers etc will be required :)


Open a New Image in PSP - 700 wide by 600 high @ 72dpi

Add a New Layer

Floodfill White

Open the gemini_nightlife_cots file (the dots image)

Resize 50%


and Paste as a New layer on the tag canvas

And apply Mura Meister Copies on this setting

Now move the layer over to the right of the tag canvas as mine




Layers, Merge, Merge Down

Open your chosen tube

Resize as needed then copy and paste

Position centrally to the tag so you know where the

final position will be

Leave for now, we'll adjust it later


Open the gemini_nightlife_fandangle

Image, Resize 50%

Copy and Paste

Place as mine on the top left of the tag area

Right click the layer in the layer palette and

choose Duplicate




Merge these two layers together

Right click and duplicate again




Now, using your Dropper tool

Select a yellow shade from the yellow area of the fandangle layer

Place this colour in your top box (Foreground) area of your Materials Palette

Have your Background on Nothing

Now, Preset Shape Layer

Look for Rectangle

Set it to Line Style Solid and Width on 10


Using the dotty layer as a guide, draw out your Rectangle - you want it

to be touching the black and white swirls of the fandangle layer

Draw it out and then when you're happy with sizing, Convert to Raster layer

Jiggle to adjust positioning if needed and once happy, move this Rectangle layer

BELOW the merged swirly fandangle layer in the LP

On this rectangle layer

Adjust, Add/Remove Noise

and choose Add Noise

Uniform, 10

Monochrome ticked


Click inside the Rectangle layer using your Magic Wand on the usual settings

which are Add, RGB Value, 0 Tolerance and 0 Feather

So, click inside then Selections, Modify, Expand by 3

Selections, Load/Save Selection and choose SAVE Selection to Alpha Channel

Click Save

Keep Selected

Now add a new Layer just above the dots layer

but below the rectangle layer

and floodfill the selected area with Black

Keep Selected

Add a New Layer

Click on the Airbrush tool

Have it on these settings

Make sure your colour in the Foreground is WHITE

and then click to the top left area of the selected rectangle area

and draw your airbrush down the right, like a single swag finishing behind your tube

Then, over to the top right area of the selection

and swoop back to the left with the airbrush

(You'll end behind your tube each time)


Hope I explained that clearly :)

So, you should end up with a brush area that almost looks like lit up areas?


With your area still selected

Copy and Paste your tube

one to the left and one to the right

and position under the rectangle layer but above the airbrush layer

Selections, Invert and hit Delete on both tube layers


Selections, None for now...and in fact, it turns out we don't need

the saved selection, but never mind eh!


Change the blend mode of both tube layers to Overlay


Xero Graphics, Radiance on the default settings


If you don't like the finished effect on your tube, then don't use the Xeros OR

change the Blend Mode of your tube cutout layers to suit the tube you use

Open the gemini_nightlife_stagelights

Image, Resize, 50%, All Layers Ticked


Paste this light as a new layer on the tag canvas

Move it below the tube layer

and line up the right side of the lights with the bottom right of the rectangle

Zoom in to see it better and line up like this...


Duplicate this layer



Now this one doesn't line up properly so again, zoom in

and line up with the bottom left side of the rectangle...


Now duplicate this layer



And move this light UP until it "mirrors" the positioning of the lower one

and you can still see the tube underneath


Duplicate this light layer



And once more, it's not a perfect mirror, so move this light layer over to the right

so it lines up with the outside of the rectangle area

Phew!! :)

OK, so that's those positioned - if you're happy with the positioning you

can merge those light layers together to one layer

Open the gemini_nightlife_feathertickler

Image, Resize 80%


Paste as a New Layer on the tag canvas

Move over to the left

Line up with the edges of the rectangle/lights


Move over to the right and line up as mine

Open the gemini_nightlife_halftone


Resize 50%


Move over to the left side of the tag canvas

Move this layer down the Layer Palette

to just above the White Background layer




Open the string_hearts

Image, Resize, 50%

Place as mine over to the left




Line up as mine

Open the armina_fabric_flowers6b

Resize this flower image 20% (Image, Resize, 20%, All Layers Ticked)

Copy this image

Paste as a New Layer on your tag canvas

Place it to the left side at the top of the string hearts as mine




Layers, Merge, Merge Down




Adjust if needed

Open the path

Image, Resize, 50%


and paste as a new Layer

Move over to the right at the bottom of the tag

And move down the Layer Palette so it's just above the Dots layer

See mine for placement




Layers, Merge, Merge Down so both paths are on one layer




And adjust up or down as needed, if needed

Back to the tube layer (yes, we got there in the end lol!)


And on the top layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 2.00


Xero Graphics, Radiance

Apply the default settings

then change the Blend Mode to Soft Light, and then

change the Opacity of this layer to about 60%

On the Bottom tube layer

Add a Dropshadow of

And apply it again (total 2 times)


Right click on the bottom tube layer in the Layer Palette

View, Current Only

then Unhide the upper tube layer

Right click on the Bottom tube layer again and choose, Merge, Merge Visible

You basically want both tube layers merged onto one layer

Done that?



So now, click View, All so you can see all the layers again

But hide the Tube layer for now


Onto the bottom path layer

Take your Magic Wand and click on all the black areas of the bottom path layer

Once all of them are selected

Selections, Promote Selection to Layer


Xenofex 2 Constellation on these settings of mine...

Selections None

Repeat this step for the top path layer


Keep your tube hidden for the moment

Now for your Text tool

Choose the font - I used Desigers on Size 72 and colour Black

Type out the word you'd like

Convert to Raster Layer

Position to compliment the path edge


Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow on the default setting EXCEPT change the colour to

match the yellow shade we've been using



At this point, I erased the bottom of my tube which was protuding

I did this using my Selection Tool, on Rectangle with a Feather of 5

Chose the area that I wanted erased

then hit Delete a few times


So now

Apply the dropshadow to all the element layers except the halftone and dots layers


Finally - add your name in a font of choice

I used White, Dr Carbfred and applied the shadow twice

Add your Artist cr info

Delete the White Background layer

Crop to size and save as a PNG

All done! :)

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making your tags xx


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