Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tag Tutorial - Christmas Love - PTU

Close Ups of Choice - I used two from Keith Garvey
These can be obtained from MPT

Scrapkit - I'm using a fantastic Christmas kit by Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations
It's PTU and called "Holiday Wishes" and packed with tons of goodies for lots
of Christmas tags, I love it, thank you Jess hun xx
If you'd like to buy it, please visit GI for more details

My Masks - Vix_Mask434 which can be right clicked and saved from
my other blog HERE and Vix_Mask147 which you can get from my
tut site HERE

Wordart by me HERE
It's a PNG file so should be no background on your downloaded one

Xero Graphics GreyTinter

Xenofex 2 Constellation - optional


The Usual - except make the tag canvas 650 wide x 600 pixels


Open Frame4

Resize 70%


Place centrally to the canvas

So let's get this frame filled so we can fill the tag with goodies :D

Open two tubes of choice - facial close ups or large tubes if prefered

I used close ups

Then C&P

Place as liked

then use a Selection Delete with an expand of 14 - yes really lol! - and

Invert and delete the excess tube/s

and Crop the canvas to it's current size 650 x 600


Duplicate the tube layers

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 2.00

and change the Blend Mode to Soft Light



on the bottom tube layer - apply Xero Graphics Greytinter on the default settings

Paste a Paper from the kit - I used

Paper18 - resized to 70%

Move the paper under the tubes and repeat the Selection Delete as before

as you just want this paper as a background frame fill

(There is a space in the bottom middle of the frame - but this will be sorted in a minute lol!)

Open Paper 7

Resize as before


then apply my mask - Vix_Mask434


Layers, Merge, Merge Group

now open Paper 10

Resize and C&P as before

but this time - apply Mask...yeah, my mask 147 again hehe, I think

it compliments a lot of tags so I'm using it again, but feel free to use

a different one of your choice

and Merge Group as before


move the 2nd mask down the LP so it's under the 1st mask layer

Back to the elements...

Open Bow2

Resize 50%


and place in the bottom middle of the frames

Open the Candles - gorgeous!

Resize 25%


Place on the left side of the frame


and move the duplicate over to the right of the frame

open CandyCanesWBow

Resize 40%


Place as mine

Open the Leaves Fern

Resize 40%


Place as mine on the right

Open the Bow (it matches the one on the Candy Canes)

Image, Resize 25%


Place as mine over the Leaves

Move the candles layers to the top of the LP

Open the Pine Garland

Image, Resize 80%


Place as mine just above the frame layer

I also added a subtle Constellation effect to the Leaves layer - but this is optional

Now add some dropshadows where you'd like

I added a drop of 2, 2, 45.00,



Candy Cane


Bow 2 (the gold one)

Pine Garland


I added a dropshadow of 0, 0, 40, 10.26 Black to the Frame layer

Open my Wordart


Place as Mine

Then add your Name as liked

Add your Artist info

and then

Crop the tag again and

Delete the White Background


Save as .PNG