Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tag Tutorial - Christmas Magical - PTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using a seasonal one

Artwork © Jennifer Janesko

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have

Scrapkit - I'm using "Christmas Magic" by Clarey which is gorgeous

and PTU

If you'd like it, please visit Clarey's store HERE

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Xero Graphics Greytinter

Mask - Vix_Mask434 HERE

You can choose to do this tag animated - or not :)


The Usual except 650 wide and 600 pixel canvas


Open Frame 2


Image, Resize 80% (all layers not ticked)

Open Paper 8


Sandwich between the two frame layers

in the LP


Do a Magic Wand

Selection Delete with an Expand of 8

and Delete the excess paper

Open Paper 11

Repeat as above (put this paper above

the other one in the LP)

Now take your Lasso Tool

on Selection Type Point to Point

Mode: Add

Feather and Smoothing 0 and Anti Alias ticked

and draw out a zig zag line across the paper circle

and encompass the rest of the layer - you can start over

at the circle frame and work from left to right - then go over the top of the circle paper

and join up back at the left

(see my tag to get an idea of the zig zag)


on this paper layer

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Glow Width 3.00 Soft Corners 0 and Overall Opacity 100



C&P your chosen Christmassy tube

Place this at the top of the layers

and where you'd like it to be on the tag



on the top layer of tube

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00


change the Blend Mode to Overlay


on the bottom tube layer

Apply Xero Graphics Greytinter

Right click on the Greytintered tube in the LP

View, Current Only


unhide the Top tube


right click again and Merge, Merge Visible

and merge the two tube layers together


right click again - View, All

and duplicate the tube

move one down to below the zig zag paper

Now apply a dropshadow to the bottom one

Something like

Vertical -2

Horizontal 6

Opacity 38

Blur 7.25


and hide the top tube

Take your Eraser and erase the part of the tube

that sticks out under the frame

Unhide the top tube

and erase some of that

so it looks like she's coming out of the frame behind

the paper

and then

apply the same shadow to the zig zag paper

Open the fairy lights from Clarey's kit


Move down the LP to between the frame and zig zag paper layers

Apply a shadow of 0, 0, 35.00

Open Bow 1

Image, Resize 50%


Place on the left




Open the Gifts 1 and 3

Resize 70%


Place as mine

Shadow the same as the fairy lights

Open Glitter Doodle 4


Move up the tag canvas to just near the bows as mine

Shadow as before

Open Glitter Doodle 1


Place under the bows as mine

Shadow as before

Open Holly

Resize, 30%


Place on the left of the pressies




Place as mine

and shadow both

Open Paper 12


Apply my Mask - Vix_Mask434

and move down the LP to just above the White back

Add a shadow to the frame now - something like 0, 0, 40, 10.26 Black


Add your name in a prefered font and style of choice

I used CK Constitution, Black fill, No Stroke

and applied the same Gradient Glow as the zig zag paper


Shadow as the elements

Crop the Canvas now


add your Artist info etc

If you want an animated tag, read on

If you're happy as it is - then delete the White Back and

save as PNG

IF you're animating - read on...

Duplicate the fairy lights layer twice to total 3 layers

Hide the top two layers

and we're starting on the bottom one

Zoom in if you need to see better



On the furthest fairy light to left

With Magic Wand on Tolerance of about 30

Click inside the light to get the colour selected - might take a few clicks and

don't worry about selecting the white bit in the middle

then skip the next bulb and go for the middle one

Select as before

So, you should now have two bulbs selected

Now go to

Adjust, Brightness and Contrast,

and have the Brightness on 20

and Contrast on 5


Selections None


Hide this layer

Unhide the 2nd layer up


Select the next two (the 2nd from left and the one after the middle one)


repeat the Brightness etc


and finally

Select the last bulb on the right

and repeat as above


Hide the top two lights layers


Edit, Copy Merged

take to Ani Shop

Paste as New Animation

Back to PSP

Hide the bottom lights layer

and unhide the middle one

Edit, Copy Merged as before

Take to Ani Shop

and Paste After Current Frame

Back to PSP

and hide the middle lights

Unhide the top ones

and repeat as above

So, now in Ani Shop

We've got 3 frames

Click on Frame 1

Edit, Select All


Animation, Animation Properties,

change to Opaque, White


Animation, Frame Properties

and have the speed on 30

View, Animation

and Save As gif :D

Hope you enjoyed this tut and I wish you

a very blessed and Merry Christmas