Monday, 25 February 2013

Tag Tutorial - FTU - These Tears

This tutorial was inspired by my current listening choice - the superb album "Ei8ht" by Nik Kershaw
I make no attempt to hide my Nik mania having loved him and his
music since 1984 and his most recent album has gradually worked it's way
into my heart

And that's good news. If I'm inspired - I tag and also tut!

So, I hope to be similarly inspired by other tracks on there.
Wanna know what I'm on about? Check out Spotify or Amazon

Anyway, if you'd like to make this tag?


Tube/Close Up/Image of Choice - I'm using "Angel Tears" by Zindy S D Nielsen which can
be purchased from Zindy's tube shop HERE

A few scraps - I'm using a FTU kit by the fabby Kittz called "Misfit Style" and it's available
from the Misfits blog HERE
Please take a moment to leave some love if you download it - thank you

My Wordart - HERE

Mura Meister Copies

Toadies - What Are You?

Both of these filters are freely available on the Internet

Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Not a freebie, so don't worry if you haven't got this

Font of your Choice


Open PSP
Change your Materials Palette (the two colour boxes) to White #FFFFFF
Now, open a new image canvas in PSP
250 pixels wide by 100 pixels high
So, you've got a rectangle canvas

Open your chosen Image or Close Up tube
Copy the image
Paste as a New Layer on the small canvas
OK, so
Position your tube within the small rectangle as you like it
Once you've positioned
Right click on this layer in the Layer palette and hit Duplicate
and on the new top layer in the Layer Palette
Adjust, Blur, RADIAL BLUR on the default settings
now change the Blend Mode of this layer in the LP to Soft Light
or similar - something that compliments your tube

Add Borders
2 on all settings
Symmetric ticked
OK to apply
go back in and set 1 on Black
then once more
3 on White
and finally
2 on Black
So, that's 2 - White
1 - Black
3 - White
2 - Black

Layers, Promote Background Layer
Canvas Size
and change to 450 wide by 300 high
with the image we've got in the middle and a transparent background

So you should still have the "tube/image" on your Clipboard
So, Paste this once more as a new layer in the LP
Make sure it's underneath the current tag layer we've been playing with
Move it over to the Right side of the Canvas
(If you've used a huge image - just paste where it looks best and improvise with the
next few steps)
Once you've pasted over to the right
Right click in the LP
Hide the rectangle tag layer for the moment
Layers, Merge Visible the two tube image layers
Duplicate this layer
on the bottom one
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur on 40.00 - yup, 40.00
Effects, Texture Effects - Mosaic, Antique
on the default settings

Add a new Raster Layer to the tag canvas
Move this down to the bottom of the LP
Floodfill with White
Add another layer above this
and floodfill with Black
Back to the merged tube images layer
and on the top one
Adjust and once more apply the Radial blur setting we used earlier
and again, change the Blend Mode to Soft Light or similar
on the lower version of this layer
Add the following drop shadow
Make sure the rectangle tag layer is hidden still
and now Layers, Merge Visible all the other layers

Back to the Layer Palette, you should now only have 2 layers
the small tag layer we made
and the Merged layer we just did?
Cool - on we go
Duplicate the rectangle image layer
and on the top copy
Effects, Image Effects, Seamless Tiling
and apply the Default Setting
which should be as follows
Tiling Method - Corner
Direction - Bidirectional
Transition - 50
Corner Style - Linear
OK to apply
and then apply the drop shadow we used earlier

Add Border
and apply the sequence we used earlier - the Whites and Blacks
Once you've done this
Layers, Promote Background Layer once more
Image, Canvas Size and once again, we're upping it - this time
650 wide and 600 high

Now, duplicate the tag layer
and on the bottom one
(Make sure that both your Materials Palette boxes are on White)
Effects - Toadies - What are You?
and change the sliders
Top slider (X-dose) to 30
bottom one (Y-dose) to 15

Now add a new Raster Layer
and floodfill it with White
Move to the bottom of the LP
Back to the Toadies layer
Duplicate it
On the bottom one
Image, Free Rotate
Left, 90 degrees
Image, Resize, 80%
All Layers Unticked
Duplicate this resized layer
Mura Meister Copies
Look for the Preset called Wave (Horizontal)
and change the Number slider at the top to 1
Yup, we just want one :)
Click OK to apply
and then resize this layer 80%
Duplicate it
and Mirror it

OK, we're getting towards the end

On the main tag layer at the top
Duplicate this one again
and Apply the Mura's once more to the duplicate one
Move this under the main tag layer
But don't duplicate it or mirror it
Now, apply the same dropshadow we used before to both of these tag layers
OK, now find a black and white scrapkit you'd like to use - or use the one I did
And I used
MS-2 - the butterfly - resized to 50%
MS-9 - the doodled frame - used as is and moved
down the Layer Palette to just above the Toadied layers
then positioned as mine over on the bottom left
Duplicate this and move the duplicate to the top right as mine
MS-44 - the rose - resized to 70% twice, then placed as mine
and sharpened
Apply the same dropshadow we used before to the rose and butterfly but
NOT the frame layer

Now the final bits

Open my Wordart I've provided
Copy and place as liked on the tag canvas

Then find a lovely scripty font to add your name with
I used Angilla Tattoo
with a contrasting colour - no stroke
and then applied a Gradient Glow to it
Now add your artist information
Crop the tag to remove the excess area
Delete the White background layer
Save as a PNG
All done!

Hope you enjoyed this simple tut xx

This tutorial was written on the 25th February 2013 by Vix
It is a tutorial written as I went along this morning
and any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that
may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.
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