Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tag Tutorial - PTU - Enjoy the Ride

This tag uses one of my favourite ever tubes by Barbara Jensen - it never fails to
inspire me!

And this is another tag inspired by a song by Nik - Enjoy the Ride!
Check out his superb album "Ei8ht" from all good music sites


Tube of Choice - I'm using "Sheer" by Barbara Jensen - an oldie but a very goodie!
See Barb's site for her beautiful tubes and don't use without a license...'cos that's just mean! (ok, it's also illegal too but yannow!)

Scrapkit of Choice - I'm using a PTU mini kit by the superb designer, Kristin Aagard @ Scrap Orchard
The kit is called Enjoy Life and you can purchase it HERE

Mura Meister Copies

Toadies What Are You?

Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Font of Choice

This tut uses a method in PSP to make a mask - eeks! So, this isn't really for
beginners to tag making, but see how you get on...

Open a New Image in PSP
650 x 600
Add a New Layer
FF White

Open the KAagard_EnjoyLife_Word_EnjoyTheRide file
Image, Resize 30%
Edit, Copy
Edit, Paste as a New Layer
(C&P for short!)

Right click on this layer in the Layer Palette (LP)
Hide the top one
Click on the bottom one in the LP to activate it
Go to Mura Meister Copies - Star Cluster preset
and change the Shift X and Shift Y sliders to 40 each
OK to Apply
Like the placement? Good
If not, Undo and go back in and do it again
You'll get a slightly different placement each time
so fiddle 'til you like it
Add a Dropshadow of

Open KAagard_EnjoyLife_Frame1
Resize 15%
Above all the other layers
Open KAagard_EnjoyLife_Paper3
Image, Resize, 15%
Move down under the frame layer
And click inside the frame area and Use Magic Wand to do a Selection Delete
Expand by 3
then Invert and hit Delete to get rid of the excess paper
Now copy and paste your chosen tube
Use either a close up and fill the frame area
or a tube and do a double tube layer
(one above and one below the frame) and
erase the top and bottom as needed
Oh, girlies (and guys!) I've done it a thousand times
Check out my previous tuts to see the method
if you're not sure, but if you've done my tuts for
years, you'll be familiar with it hehe xx

Open the EnjoyLife_Heart
Image, Resize 15%
Place wherever you have a gap in the background wordart arrangement
Repeat if liked
and free rotate these heart layers 15% either to left or right, whichever you'd like

Open the EnjoyLife_Bubbles1
Resize to 15%
Place over the top of the tube area
Line up to how it looks good for your chosen tube
Repeat this with the _Bubbles2 file
And erase any that you'd like to remove (if any overlap where you don't want them)

Open the Enjoy_Life_Stitches
Resize 15%
Place just above the White Background layer

Open a few of the Flower files
Resize to 10%
Place as many or as few as you'd like on the tag canvas

It was at this point I decided I wanted to recolour the red
elements of the tag to match the red from my tube
So I did
If you'd like to do the same, just hover your Dropper tool over the colour
you'd like to swap to
Then go to the Materials Palette and find the Hue and Saturation value
then off to Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize and place the
two numbers in there
I did this for the hearts and the wordart layer

Add a Dropshadow of
to all the layers except the bubbles and stitches
(and the tube which you shadowed earlier!)

Unhide the original wordart strip layer we hid at the beginning of the tut
Place where it suits your tag
Recolour if liked and apply the same shadow

On the stitches layer
add a drop shadow of

Now take your font of choice
and using the Text tool
with both colour boxes on Black
and a Stroke of 1
Type out your name
Covert to Raster then
move down the LP
to where you'd like it
I placed mine just above the frame layer
Now Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow
Look for the Preset called Neon Outline
and move the Glow Width slider all the way down to 3.00
OK to apply
and then apply the same larger dropshadow we used earlier

Hide the White Background
Layers, Merge, Merge Visible
Duplicate the merged tag layer
Activate the bottom layer
and then in the Materials Palette
change both of your colour boxes to White
Go to Toadies - What are You?
And apply the default settings - 20 and 20
Copy this Layer
and Paste as a NEW IMAGE
On this new Image
Image, Decrease Colour Depth, 2 Colours
Have the Palette Component on Grey Values
Reduction Method as Ordered Dither
OK to apply
and then
Image, Negative Image
Ooooh look, you've got a mask hehe!
Leave this image for now

Back to our working canvas
DELETE the Toadied layer
Pick two colours from your tag
I went for yellow and green
Make a FG/BG Gradient on the settings you like
I went for Linear on 45 with a 2 repeat
Add a New Layer
Floodfill with this gradient then
Layers, New Mask Layer, From Image
In the Source Window dropdown box
Choose your mask image you just made
and have the Create Mask from
Source Luminance selected
Invert Mask Date not ticked and hit OK
There's your mask!
It's a little big for the tag - it touches the sides and we
don't want that (looks naaaaasty!) so
Layers, Merge, Merge GROUP
and you should see your mask layer is now all on one layer in the LP
So now
Image, Resize
All Layers Not Ticked as we only
want to resize the mask layer

You can close the mask image you made now as we're done with it
Now finally
Add your artist and scrap designer (if applicable) information
Crop the canvas if liked (take care not to chop any of your tag)
and delete the White Background layer
Save as a PNG
All done! xx
Note: if you like to make lots of tags for others, don't add the Name layer
when I do - simply add it after you've done the mask addition xx

This tutorial was written on the 28th February 2013 by Vix
It is a tutorial written as I went along this morning
painstakingly trying to come up with new things which
I know I've never done before and therefore
and any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that
may be available is wholly unintended, completely coincidental
and would bleddy astonishing!
Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied
in good faith - if I have used something not intended
for usage in this way, please contact me via email.
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