Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Decisions - FTU

For this tag, you will need...

Tube of Choice - I'm using one of my faves
Artwork © Jessica Dougherty
If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

Scrapkit - FTU - Alone by Bel Vidotti
This kit is available from her blogsite HERE
Thank you Bel for your fab kits x

Mask of Choice - I'm using Chelle's WSL_Mask220 which you
can get from Chelle's tut site - link is in my Cool Supplies section

Mura Meister Copies - optional


The Usual (except this time the width is 650 pixels)

Open alonee39 bv (Envelope)


Move over to the left of the tag canvas

Open alonee48 bv (Frame)



Line it up over the Envelope as mine

Choose one of the flowers

I used alonee33 bv



Move to the top right of the frame

and down the LP to underneath it

Choose another coloured flower

Repeat as above and move over to the left of the first


Choose another

Repeat as above and place on the bottom left

Open alonee44 bv (the heart element)



Place as mine

Choose one of the papers

I used alonep14



Move under the frame layer


Using Selection Tool, set to Rectangle

Draw out a selection over the frame


Selections Invert

Delete the excess paper

Open alonep19 bv



Place above the White Background in the LP


Apply the WSL_Mask220

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

Open alonep18 bv




Draw out another Selection rectangle

on the left of the frame area


Selections Invert


Move down below the Frame

Open alonee42 bv


Place under the Frame layer

and above the Papers

Line it up with the edge of the 2nd paper section as mine


Erase the excess chain which hangs outside the top

and bottom of the frame

(My eraser settings are in the Glossary of Terms section over on the right)

Merge the Chain and 2nd Paper section together

Open your tube

Size if needed


Place where you want it to be within the Frame


and Move

one down below the Frame, Chain and 2nd Paper section layers in the LP

and apply a shadow to the bottom one

I used 0, 0, 40.00, 10.26 Black

Hide the top one for now

Take your eraser again

and delete the excess tube which hangs

outside of the left and bottom of the frame

Unhide the top tube

and erase as needed so

the tube is emerging from the frame layer

(See my tag for ref)

Apply any extra elements that you might like

to use

I used one of the Teardrops 20%

then Mura Meister Encircle

with the X Shift on 70

and the Y Shift on 60

and then moved this under the frame and paper layers

Flower Branch 60%

Butterfly 30%

and I applied a dropshadow of 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 Black

to the Butterfly, Flowers, Flower Branch, Chain and

Heart Element


To the Envelope and Frame layer

Apply the same shadow as the tube

Crop the Canvas now

to remove the excess canvas not needed

Add any wording you'd like to add - text brush or similar

and your name

Add Artist info

Delete White Background


save as transparent .PNG

All done :)