Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Obsession - FTU

I am happy to admit, I love Twilight. In fact, it's Edward
who I love hehe. So this gorgeous kit just screamed Twilight
at me. Hence this tag :)

For this, you will need...

Tube or Image of your Choice - I'm using a free - yaaars free lol! -
tube by the fantastic Zindy - get it from her site HERE if you'd
like to use the same

Scrapkit - FTU and it's a complete stunner! It's part
of the Fangtastia blogtrain and this part was created
by Kirsty - it's superb hun, thank you xx
Get it from her blog HERE and please leave some love
if you take it.

Masks - both by me - Vix_Mask307 and Vix_Mask336
both of which can be downloaded from my tut site HERE

That's it - no filters as this kit is so lush it
doesn't need any help hehe xx


The Usual


Open KISM_Fangtasia_Frame2

Image, Resize, 80% Smartsize


Place centrally to the tag canvas

Open Fangtasta-Paper2

Image, Resize 75% SS


Move under the Frame layer

Apply my mask Vix_Mask336

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

Move the mask layer up and slightly to the left

Duplicate Mask layer

Move the duplicate down and slightly to the right

Open Fangtasia-Paper10

Image Resize as before


Take your Selection Tool, on Freehand Selection, Point to Point

and draw around the inner circle part

Once you've got a circle selected

Selections, Invert

and hit Delete on the paper layer

Open your chosen tube, or image


Place where it looks best for you


Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00 on the top one

and change the Blend Mode to Soft Light


Apply a dropshadow to the bottom tube layer (if needed)

and use Selection again to delete the excess

Open Feather1


Place as mine

(move it down the Layer Palette so it's under the paper fill layer

but above the masks layers)

Open the FeatherSplatter (stunning!)

Image, Resize 80%


Tip: for the Moment, floodfill the Background Layer BLACK

so you can see what you're doing but floodfill White when you

see this ***

Move the FeatherSplatter over to the Top left

take care not to touch the edges of the canvas

Once placed,






Now, move both of these layers down the LP

so they're just above the Masks layers

Jiggle them about if necessary so the flecks aren't touching the canvas edge


Open GlitterRosePetal-1Shad

Image, Resize, 80% SS


Place as mine


take your Eraser tool on a hard small setting

and erase any of the petals that are overlapping

too much of your tube/image

(I used my eraser on a square setting, Size 102, Hardness 100, Step 5, Density 100, Thickness

100, Rotation 0, and Opacity 100 - this setting is good for leaving nothing behind lol - I

then erase some of the petals that were over Bella's face)

Open GlitterSplatter-1

Image, Resize 90%


Move down the layer palette to just above

the masks layers

Open Heart3


Place as mine

Move it under the Petals layers

Open Light1

Image, Resize 30% SS


Line up under one of the petals over on the right

Open Paper1

Image, Resize 75%


Drop this layer below all the others

except the White Background layer



my mask Vix_Mask307 to this paper layer

and merge group

Open Glitter2

Image, Resize 75%


Go to your Materials Palette

and find the KISM_Fangtastia-Glitter2

Move this to the Background Box

Have your Foreground box on Black, 2.00 Stroke

And taking a favourite font of choice

Type out a word to go with your tag

As I'm using Edward and Bella, I used Forever

Type it out

Stretch if needed


Convert to Raster

Take care to move this word down the Layer Palette

so that it's below the Petals and Frame layers

Now on the Heart, Word and Light layer

Apply a dropshadow of

0, 6, 35.00, 7.00 Black

or choose one of your own favourites to use

For the Frame layer

0, 0, 35.00, 7.00 Black

Now add your name in Black fill, No Stroke

in a scripty font of choice

I used my full name - for once lol!

Apply your artist info now

Don't forget, if you use Zindy's free tube

and you DON'T have a ZZT license - then use zzt free art

as well as her Copyright info

Crop the excess canvas now - though there isn't much

to crop as there's lots of lovely scattered bits, so take care when chopping!

Delete the background layer

and save as transparent .PNG for

optimum quality