Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Girly Girl One - PTU

Tube of Choice - I am using a gorgeous one by Keith Garvey
which is PTU and can be purchased from MPT

Scrapkit - PTU - a fantastic new kit from Clarey called "It Girl"
Gorgeous! And can be purchased from Clarey's shop HERE

Chelle's Mask WSL_Mask177 which can be downloaded
from her tut site which is linked in Cool Supplies

Xero Graphics - Greytinter

VM Extravaganza - Transmission

Font of Choice


The Usual


Open heartframe1




Place to the top left of the centre of the canvas

Repeat for heartframe2 and place as mine

Open WireHearts


Place as mine

Erase the excess wire on the top and bottom if liked

I used a small eraser on a round setting on 25 then changed to 5 when

I got closer to the hearts

Open Paper12


Move under all the other layers

and Chelle's Mask WSL_Mask177

Duplicate the Mask layer

and on the bottom layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 10.00


VM Extravaganza, Transmission,

Line Width 3

Offset 2

Contrast 40

OK to Apply

Open Papers 9 and 11


Place as liked within the heart frames

then using Magic Wand

do a Selection Delete with an expand of 4

and delete the excess papers

Open glittersplat1



Place as mine on the bottom right of the tag






Open the tube you've chosen to use

Resize as liked

and C&P

Place where looks best then

Duplicate the tube

and on the top layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 3.00

Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light


on the Bottom tube

Xero Graphics Greytinter

and change to the settings and Apply to the tube

Add Dropshadow of

0, 0, 40, 10.26 Black

Open tinysparkleoverlay

Resize 90%


Drop down the LP to just under both tubes

Now add a dropshadow of

2, 2, 45, 5.00 Black to all the element layers except

the sparkles and paper layers


Add your Name in a colour and font of choice

Dropshadow as before

Add your Artist info

On a Layer above the White Background

Floodfill with a colour from the tag

and taking care not to crop the sparkles

Crop the canvas now to a more taggy size

and then delete the colour fill and White Back layers

and save as Transparent .PNG

Thanks for Looking xx