Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Sparkly Elegance - FTU (Time Limit)

Tube Close Up of Choice - I'm using one by Barbara Jensen

which you can get from her site HERE (Over 18's only as the site

contains artistic nudity)

Scrapkit - "Framboise" by Latham, Lya and HERE

It's a FULL SIZED Collab from and at

the time of writing (25th Nov)it was a freebie to be quick!

If it is PTU when you see this tutorial, then I'm sorry 'bout that and

if you really want to do this tutorial, then you'll need to purchase it...or

not do the tut lol xx

Mask - I'm using WSL_Mask220 by Chelle Weescotslass which

you can download from her tut site which is linked over on the right

under Cool Supplies

Mura Meister Copies

Scripty Font of Choice

This tag is for Chas, who writes amazing tuts and makes
gorgeous tags :)


The Usual


Open Lya Design (19)

Image, Resize, 20% SS


Move to the top left-ish of the tag canvas




Line up as mine on the bottom right

Open latham_element36 - (ribbon and leaves)

Image, Resize 10% SS


Place as mine

Open latham_element32

Resize 5% (yup, small!)


Place UNDER the element 36 as mine

Open Lya Design (p4) a stunning paper!

Image Resize 15%


Place just above the White Background in the LP

and apply Mask - Chelle's Mask WSL_Mask220

Layers, Merge, Merge Group on the mask layer


then Duplicate the mask layer

open latham_element25 (it's in the other folder)

Image, Resize, 10%


Line it up under the ribbon and leaves element on the right

Open latham_element20

Resize 10%


Line up as mine under the previous elements (not the frames though)

Open latham_element19

Resize 10%


Move to the top of the LP

(Layers, Arrange, Bring to Top)


apply a dropshadow 0, 0, 35.00, 7.00

and then

Mura Meister Copies

set to

Star Cluster preset and change the Shift X and Shift Y sliders to 64

OK to Apply

and once applied, Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

and move under all the elements in the LP except the frames

Open latham_element37

Resize 20%


Place as mine lined up with the top left frame

and move down the LP

so it's under the scattered gems

Now let's fill the frames and then finish off with a few

more elements lol!

OK - choose a paper

I used


Image, Resize 15%


Do a Selection Delete with an Expand of 8 on the frame layer

and delete the paper excess

Selections None

So now your frames have a paper fill

so choose your image/close ups to use

I chose to use just one

and placed it in the bottom frame

I also duplicated, blurred and soft light on the Top tube

and applied Xero Greytinter to the bottom tube

and also a drop shadow


did a Selection Delete as before

Tip: I also deleted two of the gems that were covering

her eyes lol!

Now for some shadows

See which elements you think need a shadow and add one

I used

-3, 5, 17, 3.00 Black to the berries, lavender, gems and cherry blossom

Open Lya Design (5)

Image, Resize



Place as mine

I placed one under the gems in the top frame area

and then

Pasted again and placed over the bottom of the curtain

Tip: you may want to floodfill the White Back

with a dark colour so you can see where the white sparklies are

You don't want to chop them off when done - so

I tend to do this so I can check lol - once checked, you can change back to White

Crop the canvas now to a more taggy size and take care

not to chop off the white sparklies or shadow edges

On the Frames layers,

Apply a shadow of 0, 0, 40.00, 10.26 Black

Now taking a favourite scripty font, type some wording that

applies to the tag and place on the top left as mine

and add a subtle shadow (the one I added to the gems first will do)


use a colour from the tag and Stroke of 1

and add the name

Then Shadow as before

Add your artist info etc


Delete the White Background

All done :)

Thanks for looking xx