Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Fearless - PTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using a free one from the fabby Zindy :)

If you'd like to use the same - go to her site HERE

and download from the Free Tubes page

Scrapkit - PTU - I'm using Dark of the Night by Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations
Thank you hun, love the colours of this kit

Mask - Chelle's Mask WSL_Mask145 from her site weescotslass which is
linked in my Cool Supplies section

Xenofex 2 Constellation


The Usual

Open FrameBlue

Image, Resize, 70% SS


Place in the middle of the tag canvas

Open FrameDesign2


Move down the Layer Palette under the Frame

Open Paper2Blue

Image, Resize 70% SS


Move under the original frame layer in the LP

Clicking inside the Frame layer with Magic Wand

do a Selection Delete with an Expand, Modify of 7

and Delete the paper that's outside of the Selection

Selection None

Open Paper10Blue

Resize as before


Apply Chelle's mask WSL_Mask145

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

Then move down the Layer Palette so it's

just above the White Background

and maybe using Move tool, jiggle the placement

a litte to compliment the FrameDesign layer

Open your Chosen tube or image now


Place within the frame area (under it)

Resize if needed

Apply a favourite shadow (if your image fills the frame area, don't lol!)


Repeat the Selection Delete process to remove the excess tube

Open GemBlue

Image, Resize 20%


Place as mine on the top left of the frame




Duplicate and Flip each of the top gems

So you have 4 corner placement like mine

Open Flower3

Image Resize 40%


Place on the left side




Now add a dropshadow of choice to the flowers and gems layers

I used 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 Black

Add a larger, more blurry dropshadow to the frame layer

I used 0, 0, 40.00, 10.26, Black

Now, click on the Frame Design Layer

And using Xenofex 2 Constellation

Look for the It's Full of Stars preset

then change the Overall Star Density to 1

and make sure that Keep Original Image is Selected

OK to apply


add a v.subtle dropshadow to this layer

Something like 0, 0, 35.00, 3.00

Open WordartDarkPlain

Image, Resize, 50%


Place as mine

and apply the same shadow used for the elements

And then perhaps add some extra wording

"I will not fear the"

and shadow as liked

Add your name as prefered and shadow

Add your artist copyright info etc

Crop the tag canvas

Delete the White Background

and save as a transparent .PNG

All done :)