Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Sweetly - FTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using a beautiful one by Ismael Rac who's
work is available for PSP usage from his store HERE

Scrapkit - FTU - A gorgeous one by Mere @ Scraps by Mere
The kit is called Rouge Delight and can be downloaded
from her blog. Please leave some love if you do xx

Mask of Choice - I used my mask 147 (yes...again hehe!)

Mura Meister Copies


The Usual


Open RougeDelightFrame2


Place centrally on the tag canvas

Open Frame4



Place under the frame in the LP

and line up as mine

Open Paper4


Place under the frame and above the doodle frame in the LP


do a Selection Modify Expand by 20

and Delete the excess paper

Open Paper1


above the other paper layer

Move down the tag canvas

so that the top two thirds of the inner frame is black paper

and bottom third is red

Repeat the Selection Delete for this paper

Back to the Elements

and open the RicRac1


Merge this Ric Rac down

onto the Red paper segment

And apply a dropshadow of

Minus 10, 10, 30.00, 7.00 Black


Once more, click inside the frame layer

and do a Selection Delete on the merged red paper and ric rac layer

Open your chosen tube now

Paste as a new layer

move over to the right of the tag

and move under the frame and red paper layers

but above the rest


and move above all the other layers

on the Bottom one

Apply a dropshadow of minus 5, 5, 30.00, 7.00 Black

Hide the top one for now

On the bottom one, take your eraser on a medium sized hard setting

and erase the tube that sticks out from the bottom of the main tag area

Unhide the top tube


Erase the same again and this time take it right up

to the ric rac area

and erase so the tube looks as though it's

coming out of the frame behind the paper and ricrac layer

Nifty eh?! lol...well, I've always liked it hehe


Open Rouge Delight Flower6


Place centrally in the tag canvas if not already


Mura Meister Copies

Look for the Encircle preset



Move this layer down the LP

to just above the White Background

Make sure the doodle frame layer is above it

and on the flower layer

apply a shadow of

0, 0, 40.00, 10.26, Black

Open Star2


Place as mine

Open the Tag 1


Image, Free Rotate, Left 90


Move it down below the star layer in the LP


take your eraser

and erase the part of the tag that shows

on the other side of the the star


Open Paper 6


Move down the LP to just above the White Background

and apply a favourite mask

I used my mask 147

Crop the canvas now so you

can see what your final size is

Also gets rid of any excess paper or tube that

might be lurking


Apply the drop you used for the tube

to the Star and Tag layers

Apply the shadow that you used for the flowers Encircled layer

to the Frame layer now

And finally

Add your name as liked and your artist copyright info as needed

Delete the White Back

Save as .PNG

Enjoy your tag!