Friday, 13 November 2009

Tag Tutorial - Ready for Romance - FTU

For this tag, you'll need...

Tube and Image/Close Up of Choice - I'm using the fab work of Mr Keith Garvey
To use the same - please visit MPT for more details

Scrapkit - FTU - "Night Passion" by Doris Nilsa @ Scraps Dimensions
To get the kit, go HERE and please leave a little thanks when you
take it xx

Mask - by Chelle, WSL_Mask148 - can be downloaded from her site HERE

Xenofex 2 Constellation - not a free filter

Xero Graphics Greytinter - free filter


The Usual

Open NP Doodle Big


Place on the canvas

Open NP Butterfly1

Image, Resize 10%


Place as mine

Open NP Old Clock

Image, Resize 30%


Place as mine

Open your Close Up


Paste as a new layer

over the Clock

Xero - Greytinter on the default settings


Drop the Opacity

so you can see the clockface underneath


take Magic Wand with a Feather of 2

Click outside the Clock face on the clock layer


back to the Close Up layer

and hit Delete twice

Selections None

Now Drop the Opacity a bit more on your Close Up layer

I went down to 34

Paste your tube as a new layer now

and move over to the right of the tag

Either resize if needed or

Erase some of the tube if needed

I wanted to keep my tube large

but still wanted the background to show so

just see what it looks like for you

Once you've placed your tube

Xero Greytinter as before


Shadow of your choice

Note: If you, like me, keep the tube

largish, but erase the bottom

Use NP Ruffle, Resize 60%

and paste this as a new layer

over the tube layer

so it hides the erased bottom :)

Open the Champagne Bottle

Image, Resize 50%


Place as mine

Open Flute Glass

Image, Resize 30%


Place as Mine


and move the other one over to the right

Open Paper 4

Resize 75%


And Move down the layers to

just above the White Back

Apply Chelle's mask 148

Layers, Merge Group


Image, Resize 90%

and move down the tag canvas a bit if needed


on the Mask layer

Xenofex 2 Constellation

Look for the Preset called It's Full of Stars

and Drop the Overall Star Density to 1


make sure in the Background Fill section

that Keep Original Image is chosen

OK to apply

Open the Rose

Image, Resize 20%


Place as mine


Apply a shadow to the





Use, 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 Black

On the Clock layer

use 0, 0, 40.00, 10.26 Black


Using Black Fill and No stroke

Take a favourite font

and add some words behind your tube

I used

Ready for Romance (!) lol!

But use whatever you like

and then dropshadow

1, 1, 20.00, 2.00 Black

for the words

Not too blurry :)


Now your name

Shadow as liked

and add artist info as needed etc

Crop the tag now to elimate some of the no longer needed space

Delete White Back

Save as .PNG

Have fun!