Monday, 18 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Bite Me! - PTU

Supplies Needed

Tube and Close Up Image of Choice - I'm using a fave from Ismael Rac
I got mine at AMI but you can now get this (I believe?!) from Rac's
Store HERE

Scrapkit - "Pinked" by me, you can get it from Clarey's store HERE
is now a FTU kit which you now get from HERE

Mask - by me, It's the first of the set HERE

Xero Graphics Greyscaler and Porcelain - fab freeware filters!

Font of Choice


The Usual - 700 pixels by 600 pixels

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Open the Pinked Frame - CircleGlitter


Move over to the right of the tag canvas




Open Pinked Paper13 or another from the kit

Resize 86% SS


Move over to the left of the tag canvas and

place below the frame on the left

Do a Selection Delete with an expand of 6

and hit Delete on the paper layer


Duplicate the paper part



Position as needed so both paper parts are

directly below their respective frames

Paste your large tube as a new layer

below the frame and position within the left one*




You may need to paste your main tube and position centrally so you

get a good idea where to place your image tubes


Now repeat the Selection Delete for the tube layers


on the left tube


and on the top copy - Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 3.00

and change the Blend Mode to Overlay

and on the bottom tube layer

Apply Xero Greyscaler on the default settings

Repeat this for the right tube

Once you done this for the two big tubes - you

might want to do a canvas crop to

get rid of excess blurred tube that was hanging outside

of the tag canvas - so just crop the canvas then


Canvas Size

and put it back to 700 x 600

And floodfill the White Background again :D


Copy and Paste your main tube (if you haven't already done so)

and place centrally to the two frames (see my tag for ref)


and on the top tube - Adjust, Blur, Gaussian, 3.00 and set the blend mode to Overlay


On the bottom tube - Xero Porcelain on the default settings

Open PinkedPaper17


Move down the tag canvas so it's just above the White Back

Crop to canvas size 700 x 600


Apply my mask - Layers, Merge Group

Open the BradCluster (yeah, I know I used it in my last scrap tut - but me likes lol!)


Place under all the layer except the mask layer

and position as mine on the right





Open the Circle of Pearls

70% SS


Place just below the main tubes layers in the LP

and on the left of the circle frames


DON'T mirror

Just move across to fit the right frame

Open the PinkedFrame-CircleBeads

Resize 70% SS


Place this just below the Brad Clusters in the LP

Move over and place to the top left (see my tag for ref)

Im, Dup, Im, Mirror

Open the Dotty Doodle


Place under all the circle frames in the LP

and position as mine on the top right

Right click the layer in the LP and choose Duplicate

then, Image Mirror

Open the Pussycat png

Resize 70%


Place to the left of the tag

Im, Dup, Im, Mirr

Open the paper flower



Place as mine on the left

Im, Dup, Im, Mirr

I also flipped these but that's optional :)

Open the Scatter-GlitterSparkles


Place just above the BradCluster layer

and position as mine

Open the PinkedTagBackStudStrips

Cut out the bottom or top strip (doesn't matter which, they're the same lol!)


And place as mine, front and bottom centre of the tag canvas

Excellent for covering tube edges

Now, crop the canvas taking care not to edge off any mask or

glitter or any of the layers

I only cropped to 693 x 587 - big tag!

Now add some shadows of choice to the elements you'd

like to shadow

I'd suggest cats, flowers, bradclusters, frames, NOT the pearls (already shadowed)

and of course, the main tube bottom copy

I also added the White Sparkles but this is optional

then Add your name as liked

Add your artist info

Delete white Background


Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! All done :) xx

I hope you enjoyed this simple tut, and if you purchase my
kit in order to make it the same as mine - then huge hugs and many thanks xx
You have no idea how much I appreciate it ((hugs))

This tutorial was written 16th October 2010