Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Fright Night - PTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using one of my favourites by Suzanne Woolcott - you can purchase it HERE at the Gorjuss store.

Scrapkit - Ghost Town by Clarey- I love this! You can get it HERE at Clarey's store.

Mask - my own Mask - Vix_Mask452 which you can get at my blogsite HERE

Wordart - by me, created specifically for use with this tutorial. Please do not share this wordart around, use for any other tag tuts or use in your
kits, masks, templates, stuff that you share. It's PU only for you. Okely-dokely?? Thank you xx

Get the wordart HERE
It's a PNG so just right click and save to your own computers :)


This kit is rockingly good - so we're making a BIG tag!!

Again, as with any of my tuts, if you prefer smaller tags then start smaller and

adjust the resizings as needed...


So - open a New Image in PSP - 700 pixels wide by 600 pixels high with a 72.00 pixels/inch Resolution (always a 72.00 resolution

when making signature tags)

Add a New Layer and guess what? Correct! Floodfill White


Open your chosen tube, C&P and place as a New Layer on the canvas


Open purpleframe

Image, Rotate Right

C&P as a New Layer on the tag canvas

Close the original purpleframe file and don't save changes

Line up the frame centrally to the tag canvas (you may need to just move it up or down a little)

so it lines up with the bottom of your tube's feet...if it has any :)

Open hauntedhouse2

Image Resize

80% Smartsize


and line it up as I have done with the bottom edge of the frame

Make sure the house is under the tube but above the frame layer in the LP

Open fence

Image Resize 70%


Move this layer UNDER the frame layer in the LP

Right, that's the bones of the tag....let's get onto the meat lol

Open paper7 (the spiders)

Image, Resize 86% SS


Place under the frame layer in the LP

then take Magic Wand on the usual selection settings

and click inside the left frame square

Selections, Modify, Expand by 4

Selections Invert

and hit Delete on the paper layer

Selections None

Take Paper10 (the spotty one)

Repeat as above for the right section of frame


Open Paper16 (candycorn)

and repeat above for the middle section


So that's the frames filled


Open Paper15 (hauntedhouse)




Apply my mask Vix_Mask452

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

and make sure you move this layer below all the other but above the White Background

Take your Selection Tool, on Rectangle

And draw out a Rectangle horizontally along the bottom of your tag canvas

and then when on the Masked layer, hit Delete

We want to get rid of the mask that pokes out underneath the frame at the bottom

Selections None

Again, with Selection Tool - draw out a smallish square on the Haunted House layer

to include the small moon and bats - then hit Delete (gorgeous though it is, we've got a moon from the paper beautifully showing behind the house lol!)

Selections None

Open ghost3


Place within the area of the right frame square

Dropshadow it as prefered for your tubes


Do a Selection Delete to get rid of the excess ghost (now, there's a sentence ya don't say everyday lol!!)

Open ghost2

and repeat as above for the left

Open cat

Image Resize 30% SS


Place on the right of the frame as mine

So this layer will be at the top of the LP

Open owl

Resize as for cat



and place as mine with his little claws

overhanging the frame

Again, he'll be above the other layers in the LP

Open pumpkin1

Resize 40%


Place as mine over on the left of the tag

Open pumpkin3

Resize as before and place as mine

Open spider

Resize 20%


Place as mine

Open candle

Image Resize 20% SS


Place as mine - IF you use the same tube as me, you'll need to erase the tube's candle


Open the Sparkles 1 2 and 3

Place as liked just above the Masked Layer in the LP

Resize if needed/liked

If any stick out under the frame layer at the bottom - erase them

Open the Wordart I've provided for this tutorial...ONLY!


Line it up as mine


Move it down the layer palette (LP) to just below the Haunted House layer


Tube - Shadow 2, 2, 50, 5.00 Black

Apply this same shadow to pumpkins, spider, candle, cat and owl

House - 0, 0, 40, 10.00 Black

Apply this same shadow to frame and fence layers

Now add your name in a font and style as liked

And place it over the right side above the ghost's head :)

Dropshadow as for the tube

Add your artist info now


Go to Crop Tool

And clicking on the Nodes, move the crop inwardly taking care

not to crop any shadow, mask etc

Tick to Crop


Delete White Background


Save as a PNG

All done!!

Enjoy :) xx

This tutorial was written on 5th October 2010