Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Eeeeks! - PTU

Tube/Image of Choice - I'm using my ol' favourite - Tabitha by Keith Garvey. It's just superb and you can purchase it from MPT

Scrapkit - again, I'm using Ghost Town by my pal Clarey HERE

Xero Graphics Soft Mood XL - yup, the XL version - if you haven't
already got it - grab it HERE

Mura Meister Copies - use your search engine to find and download

Xenofex 2 Constellation (optional)

Masks - Chelle Weescotslass WSL_Mask220 and my mask Vix_Mask286


Open a New Image in PSP - 650 wide by 600 high

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Open acrylic frame

Resize 80% SS


Place on the tag canvas

S'nice innit? But we're going to recolour this in a min :D

Open curledribbon2

Resize 50% SS



Image, Free Rotate, Right 90


Mura Meister Copies - on the Encircle preset - default settings


Move this layer below the acrylicframe layer

Open Paper14 (pumpkins one)

Resize 86% SS


Place under the ribbon frame we just made


Click inside the Ribbonframe layer centrally with Magic Wand

and Selections, Modify, Expand by 2


and hit Delete on the paper layer

Selections None

Make sure your paper is below the ribbonframe layer

Now, on the acrylicframe layer

Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize

and choose

Hue 24 and Saturation 192

Click OK to apply


Open Paper2 (the black one)

Resize as before


Place under the acrylicframe in the LP

but above the rest

and repeat the Selection Expand Delete

BUT this time Expand by 4


Invert, and Delete the Excess black paper

Selections None

Open Paper10 (spotty)

Resize as before


Place just above the White Background in the LP


Crop Tool - Snap Crop Rectangle to: Merge Opaque

and it will get rid of the slight bit of paper overhanging the tag canvas


Apply Chelle's WSL_Mask220 (one of my all-time faves!)


Layers, Merge, Merge Group

Open Paper 2 again (the black one)

Repeat the resize, C&P and Crop


Apply to this black paper - my mask Vix_Mask286

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

And make sure this mask layer is above the spotty one in the LP



Open your chosen tube

(I know I use Tabitha every Hallowe'en season - but she is such a rockin' tube!!!)


Place as liked - either left or right of the tag canvas as mine

Open the Close Up/Image tube if you're using one


And place on the opposite side to your tube

So, mines on the right

Do a Selection Delete to get rid of the excess tube and

make sure this layer is below the acrylic frame but above the black paper fill

Open GlitterSplat 2

Resize 60% SS


Place over on the right of the tag canvas (see mine for ref)

and move down

so it's just above the mask layers in the LP

(Do this on the opposite side if you placed main tube right etc)






Open spidersweb2


Place as mine - line it up under the acrylicframe layer

but above your tube image

and place so it's "sticking" to the sides of the frame

On this web layer

Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise, 30 Uniform with Monochrome Ticked

and apply a Drop Shadow to the web of


Minus 9




Now click inside the acrylicframe with Magic Wand and do a

Selection Delete for the excess web

Duplicate your Image layer that's within the frame

And on the top copy

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 3.00


Go to the bottom image and apply Xero Soft Mood XL on these settings

of mine...


On the Top copy of the Image

Change the Blend Mode to Screen and drop the Opacity to 67

Back to the bottom tube image and apply the same dropshadow we used for the web

(Note: if needed, do a Selection Delete to remove any blurred tube image that may poke out under the frame edge

but there wasn't any when I made mine, so it'll depend on tube placement and amount of expansion you use)

Hide your main tube for now

Open hauntedhouse2

Resize 60% SS


Place under the acrylicframe layer, and the two image layers but above the black fill in the LP

and position as mine within the frame

Apply the same Soft Mood settings


Do a Selection Delete to get rid of the excess house

Unhide your Main tube layer

and check you're still happy with placement

if not, move it about :D

Open stripedswirly3

Image, Resize 30% SS


Layers, Arrange, Bring to the Top so you can see what you're doing


Image, Free Rotate, Right 90


Apply Mura Meister Copies


Change the Shift X and Y sliders to 60

and the Number to 20



Move down the LP so it's just above the masks layers

Apply a subtle dropshadow to the two glitter splat layers

0, 0, 35, 7.00 Black

Same for the swirly circled layer you just made


Apply a good tube shadow to the curledribbon frame layer

I used 0, 0, 40, 10.00 Black

Optional: add a Xenofex 2 Constellation

setting to this layer - BUT do it BEFORE you apply shadow

or it'll look odd lol!

Apply same dropshadow to the acrylicframe layer

and to your main tube layer


Add your name in a style and font of choice

THEN if you're adding the spider - see * below

Apply the same shadow as for the web

Add Artist info

Crop the Canvas

Delete the White Background

and save as PNG

Hope you enjoyed this tut :) xx

*NOTE: For added spookiness, I took the Spider from the SpookyTree in Clarey's kit

and added it to the finished tag above (Simples, just open the Tree - take Selection Tool

Draw out a Rectangle around the spider and some of his trail - then Cut, Selections None, close

the tree and DON'T save changes then Paste your cut selection

onto your current tag canvas and place where liked and shadow as for the web erasing any excess

trail if needed) but this is optional as I know a few taggers who

don't like the eight legged beasties lol!!

This tutorial was written 5th October 2010