Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Lost - PTU

And now I can't stop singing that Michael Buble song!!

Supplies Needed

Tube and Image of Choice - I'm using one of last year's Hallowe'en ones by Barbara Jensen
Barb has some new ones out for this year so check them out too! But I love this tube
so am using it hehe

Scrapkit - yeeerrrrs! It's mine again - and if you'd like to buy it, it can be
purchased from Clarey's store HERE - Thank you if you do, it's very appreciated xx

and it's now a FREEBIE! FTU kit - you can get it HERE

Mura Meister Clouds

Mask - Vix_Mask341 available from my
tutorial site under Goodies HERE

Wordart - by me, made specially for this tutorial - please do
not use it in any other tag tutorials, or in the creation of
templates, masks, scraps, know the score :) PU only xx Thank you
You can get it HERE


Open a New Image in PSP

650 wide by 600 high in 72 pixels/inch resolution

Add new Layer

Floodfill White


Open FrameCircle


Open the GreenCurtains


Place under the frame layer

and move slightly off centre then

Add a good dropshadow of choice


do a Selection Delete with an Expand of 6

Note: you can adjust the colour of the curtains if liked - I did :)

Then open Paper5 (Orange Chequered Pattern)

Image Resize 86% SS


Place under the Frame and Curtain layers


repeat the Selection Delete for this layer

Open Paper 21

Resize as before


Move down the Layer Palette just above the White Back

and Crop the Canvas to it's size (this gets rid of the 2 pixels excess from the paper lol!)

and the apply Vix_Mask341 to this paper layer

OK So now open your chosen image and tube

Place them as mine

If you want to have your tube emerging from the frame

please see my previous tut on the method for doing this


Move the image tube under the frame and curtain layers

but above the paper fill layer


Take your magic wand

Click outside the tube area on that layer


Selections Invert


In your Materials Palette, have your top box on a colour from the

tag and the bottom box on Black

then go to

Mura Meister Clouds


look for the Ghost Preset

Apply as mine below

(you may need to hit Reset Colours before applying)

then when applied

Change the Blend Mode to Screen


Do a Selection Delete for the excess image area

See what's happened, the Ghost effect has added some lush shading

around the tube's face...well, it did on my one, I hope it does on yours too :)

Open OrangeDoodleSwirl


Place as Mine

Above the mask layer in the LP

and position as mine

Then I erased the pointy part of the doodle that was showing

at the bottom left







Open the Piece of Tulle


Place as mine under the curtain layer

and have it sticking out over the tube image face

but in a subtle way :D


Do a Selection Delete to get rid of the excess

(No need to shadow, the element is pre-shadowed)

Open StringFlower2 (the orange one)

Position as mine on the left







and move these two flowers layers down the LP to just above the

Doodle swirls layers

Then optional - add some sparkles or glitters from the kit

I used the Silver Scatter, I resized 70% and Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

then positioned, dupl, mirrored and flipped

Open my Wordart as provided

Recolour if needed and C&P and place as mine

So now - shadows!

Apply a dropshadow of 0, 0, 40, 10.00 Black to the frame layer

also apply to your bottom tube layer


for the Doodle Swirl and String Flowers - 2, 0, 50, 5.00 Black

So now crop your tag canvas if needed

Add your name in a font and style of choice

Add Artist info

Delete White Background


Save as a PNG


Simple, but nice :) xx

This tutorial was written 6th October 2010.