Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Clareycakes - PTU


Tube of Choice - I used a PTU one by Suzanne Woolcott aka gorjuss

Scrapkit - Cupcake Party Tag Kit by Clarey - you can purchase it HERE

Xenofex 2 Rip Open

Mura Meister Copies

Mask of your Choice - a rectangular one would be good


OK - We're going to make a nice big tag :D So if you need to start
smaller - cool, just adjust the following sizings as in proportion to your start size :)

The Usual - but make it a 650 x 600 pixel New Image

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Open roundframe1 from Clarey's kit


Resize 80% Smartsize

Using Magic Wand on your usual selection settings - see my Glossary of Terms section over on the right if you're not sure what settings to use

Click inside the roundframe1 and Selections, Modify, Expand by 6

then find the paper12

Image, Resize 86% Smartsize

C&P on the tag canvas

Place as liked within the frame

Selections, Invert, Delete

Selections, Invert

and then find paper6

Resize as before


But, move this down the tag canvas

so it's just under halfway up the frame centre - see my tag for ref

Once happy with placement - repeat the Selections, Invert and Delete

Selections, None

Now, move both of these paper layers down the LP

so both are under the frame layer

Whole paper nearest the bottom

So, on the pink half filled paper layer

Take your Freehand Selection Tool

Have it set to 3 Feather - Add - Point to Point

And select the top horizontal edge of the paper

Start at the left side - go across the top of the pink paper area and slightly beyond

then back over to the left side again to join it - jaggedy as you like - from one

side of the paper to the other

See this example below to show you how I selected it

Keep Selected


Xenofex 2 - Rip Open and apply the following settings

So now, see the gorgeous cupcakes that come with this kit?

We're going to stuff our pink paper pocket with cakes! :D

Choose which you'd like to go with the tube you're using

Resize the cakes 50% or so, make them different sizes if prefered



Move down the LP so they're below the Pink Paper layer

and place as liked

Once happy with placement of the cakes

Apply a dropshadow of your choice to them to give some depth

I used 0, 0, 40.00, 10.00, Black

Then, open paperflower3



Go to Mura Meister Copies - look for the Encircle Preset

and change the X and Y Sliders to 70 each


Open paperflower6


Image Free Rotate, 90 degrees to the right

then move this flower - over the tag canvas so it's lined up with

the pink flower on the middle of the left side

Move down the LP so it's below it




Line up on the right side

Duplicate this flower on the right


Free Rotate, LEFT, 90 Degrees

And place as mine under the top central flower

Duplicate this one




Open a chosen paper to go with your tag so far - I used Paper11

Don't Resize this one

just C&P


Crop to canvas size 650 x 600 tick crop tool

Make sure the paper is just above the white background


Take your mask of choice - a rectangle shaped dimension one would be best, and then apply

Layers, Merge, Merge Group

Now open your chosen tube


Place as liked

Add effects as liked and shadow as prefered :)

Now on the flowers and frame layer

Apply a dropshadow as liked

I used the same one I did for the cupcakes earlier

Open scatterswirl2


Resize 60%



Line this swirl up with the top right area of the mask layer

See my tag for reference


Move the swirls down the LP to just above the Mask Layer






Now merge these two layers together

and apply a subtle shadow

I used






Add your name in a colour and font of choice

Apply a Bevel or (as I did) a SuperBladePro preset


Shadow as before

Apply any other bits you might like to use - I added some sparkles which I love at the moment, am obsessed with sparkles lol!

Now, add your artist info

and Crop the tag canvas

I got down to

623 x 546


Delete the White Background


save your work as a PNG file - so it's transparent backed

and when posting in your forums, will not have a white background :)

Hope you enjoyed this simple, copy and paste tut - simple, maybe...but effective? I think so hehe xx

This tutorial was written on 1st October 2010 by Vix
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