Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tag Tutorial - Rockaria - PTU

I have absolutely no idea why I called this tut such. I like ELO so
that might have something to do with it lmao!
(I find naming tuts tricky sometimes)


Tube of Choice - I'm using Goth Chick by Keith Garvey
To use the same you must purchase from MPT, but feel
free to improvise with what you have

Scrapkit - Emo Girls Tag Kit by my mate Clarey - love it!
You can purchase this kit HERE

Wordart by me - I created this specifically to go with this
tutorial. Please do not share it, use in other tuts, in scrapkits,
on templates, in mask or wordart creation...all the etc you know. It's just
for you to use with this tutorial or in any other tags you might
wish to make. But, that's it xx Thank you :)
You can get Rock HERE and Chick HERE

Xero Greyscaler - oh, you know where to find it :)


The Usual - 700 x 600

Add New Layer

FF White

Now open the Paper12

Resize 86% SS


Taking your Crop tool - crop a section of the paper to

125 wide by 500 high

Tick to crop

Then Edit, Copy and close your Paper - and DON'T save the changes!

then Edit, Paste as a New Layer

It should position the paste fairly centrally - which is fine


Open Paper 13

Repeat as above

(Your Crop Tool should have remembered your Width and Height settings

So move the crop section around the paper to get the area you'd like cropped - and hit Tick to apply)

Repeat for Papers 19 and 18 - not forgetting to resize the paper each time before you crop?


OK - so on the tag canvas - we have 4 strips of Paper

Top one - Pink Spotty paper - Image, Free Rotate, Left, 20 degrees and move it over

to the left of the tag canvas

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

Click on next paper strip down - black and white chequered

Image, Free Rotate, Right, 45 degrees and leave where it is

I didn't feel it needed a sharpen, but if you do - then repeat the Sharpen as above

Click on the next paper down in the LP

It's skulls and bolts and stuff

Using move tool

Move it over on the tag canvas so it's just near the pointy edge of the chequered paper

See my tag for ref

And on the bottom paper strip...leave as it is

So hopefully, your basic tag should look vaguely or similar to mine?


Right then...

Open your tube

Copy and Paste

Place as mine - line up as I've done and

position in the LP so it's below the pink polkadot paper

Now click on the Pink Polkadot paper

Image, Duplicate, Image, Mirror

and move this duplicated layer right down the LP

so it's just above the White Background

Repeat this for the chequered paper

Open Droplets2

Resize 50% SS


Place on the top left of the tag

Have it in the LP just above the two vertical paper strips

Now Duplicate it

BUT Don't mirror - just use move tool and move it over to the right

Open StarBurst2

Resize 90%


Place in the LP just above the White Back

Open bottlecap3


Place as mine

Now, if you've placed your tube as mine - the combination of the pinky paper

and this bottlecap should cover the tube edge at the bottom - huzzah!


Right, on we go...

Open swirlyframe5 (or one of the other colours of your choice)

Resize 80%


Place under the droplets layers in the LP

Open flower1

Resize 50%


Place as mine

Open flower 2

Repeat as above

Open smoke3

Resize 60% SS


Place as mine on the bottom left

in the LP below the Starburst layer






Open starcluster2

Resize 60% SS


Place as mine bottom left

ABOVE the smoke layer in the LP

And repeat the Dup, Mirr and Flip for this

But in the LP, move the left stars above the Swirlyframe and

the right stars, leave where they are

Now open my wordart which I made for this tutorial (just a quick sharing, ta)


Place them on their corresponding paper strips - ROCK goes on Pink

Polkadots and CHICK goes on the chequered one

Place them just above their respective paper strips in the LP

They are already shadowed and angled, you just use them as they are :)


On the tube layer

Duplicate it

On the bottom tube

Xero Greyscaler on the default settings

then add a dropshadow of

-1, 10, 12, 2.00 Black

and on the top tube, just drop the opacity down to 44

Use the same shadow for the angled pinky polkadot paper strips and the

angled chequered ones and the right vertical strip too*

*NOTE: At this point, once all my stuff was placed, I moved the back black and white chequered strip UP

the tag canvas so I could see it more. I write these tuts as I make the tags and

I decide to move this strip 'til now lol - so please do the same, it's behind the tube's

head, just use move tool and move it up a bit and shadow

Use this shadow for the swirlyframe, starclusters, flowers, bottlecap and droplets

1, 6, 12, 2.00 Black

Don't shadow the smoke or starburst layers

And finally, add a shadow of

0, 0, 35, 7.00 Black to the back paper strip (the pink splatters one)

Now crop the canvas to a more taggy size - I got down to 690 x 582

but take care when you crop not to take out any shadow or edges of elements

Add your artist info now



Taking a colour from the tag as your Text tool Stroke Width of 2.00

and your fill on Black

Use the Right droplets as your name position


place your name

Use your same shadow as used for the elements

(I also added the name again in White with a contrasting font and a sharper shadow)


Delete the White Back and save as PNG for best quality

Ta...and may I add...Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! ;)


This tutorial was written 19th October 2010