Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Blessed - PTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using one

Artwork © Jennifer Janesko

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have in your tube collections

Scrapkit - PTU - I'm using a beautiful kit by Jessica

@ Gothic Inspirations
. The kit is called "Autumn's Blessings"

Thank you hun xx

Mask - Chelle's mask WSL_219
available for download from her tut site HERE

Font of your choice

No other filters required for this tut...for once lol!


The Usual


Open Paper 2

Image, Resize, change to Pixels and resize

600 x 600 pixels


Apply the Mask to this Paper layer

Layers, Merge Group

Open Frame 3

Image, Resize, 80%


Place centrally to the tag

Open Paper 1

Image, Resize 600 x 600 pixels


Move it down the Layer Palette

below the Frame and above Mask Layer

Take your Magic Wand on 0 Tolerance and Feather

Click inside the Frame layer

Selections, Modify, Expand by 6

Selections, Invert

and hit Delete on the Paper Layer

Selections None

Open the Glitter Bling


Place above the Mask layer but below the others

Open the Grass

Image, Resize 80%


Place as mine on the left of the frame

Open the Leaves 2

Image, Resize 50%


Line them up as mine

Open the Candle 3

Image, Resize 50%


Place over the leaves as mine is

Open the Sunflower 1

Image, Resize 20%


Place as mine on the top right

Open the Tree 2

Image, Resize 70%


Now place so the bottom of the tree is lined up with the

bottom of the candlestick


Move the tree down the Layer Palette so it's behind

the Paper and Frame but

above the Bling and Mask

and open Wordart Autumn

Image, Resize 50%


Place as mine

Open your chosen tube


Place within the frame

above the paper layer

and under the frame layer


and on the

top tube

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00


change the Blend Mode to Soft Light or Overlay etc


Using Magic Wand as before

Delete the excess tube on both tube layers

and apply a subtle dropshadow to the bottom copy

of the tube

I used 0, 0, 35.00, 7.00

So - add a dropshadow to all the elements except the Bling, Paper and Mask layers

I used 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00, Black

on the Bling Layer I used the previous dropshadow

and used no dropshadow on the Mask or Paper layer


Open Badge Leather 2

Image, Resize 40%


Place as mine under the elements on the left but

above the frame layer etc

Open Glitter Trail

Image, Resize 50%


Place as mine above the other layers

Line up where you like it

and use the subtle shadow if you'd like

Then finally,

Crop the Canvas to it's current size 600 x 600

or use Crop Tool and bring it in to crop where you

like - I got down to

578 x 585 pixels


Add your Artist Info etc


finally, your name in a font and style of your choice

Delete the White Background


save your work as a transparent PNG file

(If your forum is coloured, and most of the ones I'm in are lol!)

Hope you enjoyed this tut

Thanks for Looking xx

This tutorial was written 21st October 2009 by Vix
It is a tag designed from a scrapkit and any possible
similarities to other tag tutorials that may
be available is wholly unintentional and completely coincidental.
All of my tutorials are registered with TWI.