Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Witch Time - PTU

Tube of your Choice - I'm using one of my absolute favourites

from a couple of Hallowe'ens ago - it's Tabitha by the wonderful

Keith Garvey

His work is PTU and can be obtained via MPT

Scrapkit - I'm using a gorgeous PTU kit called "Eerie Hauntings" by
Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations
- thank you hunny xx

Masks - Chelle's WSL_Mask220 and my mask Vix_Mask147

Both are freely available from our respective tutorial sites :)

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Font of Choice


The Usual


Open Paper 4

Image, Resize, 71%



using Crop Tool - crop to the canvas size 600 x 600


Apply Chelle's mask WSL_220

Layers, Merge Group

Open Paper 6


and repeat the above steps

Make sure this mask layer is above the first one

and now either Drop the Opacity on the 2nd mask layer to about

59 or

change the Blend Mode to Overlay

then (optional)

Open Paper 7

Same as before but this time

apply my mask Vix_Mask147


move this masked layer below all the others

apart from the White Background

Open the MoonWBats

Image, Resize, 35%


Place as mine

Open Tree2


You'll see it over hangs the current canvas size so

Select the small clumps of grass that you

can see are seperate from the main tree

using your Selection Tool on Freehand (Lasso) Point to Point

Select around them

and then Edit, CUT

and you'll see them disappear


and there they are again :)

So, now you can move the tree into position

and not lose any of the cool grass clumps or have

to resize the tree

Move into position as mine

Open the Witches Sign

Image, Resize 50%


Place as if nailed to the tree as mine

Open your Chosen tube now


Place as liked

and finish with an effect or dropshadow of your choice


Dropshadow all the elements except

the mask layers

I used 2, 2, 45, 5.00 Black

Open the Bulbs

Image, Resize 20%


and place on the tree




and line up as mine

Duplicate the ones you just duplicated

and move this set up the tree

then duplicate the first ones

and move this set down the tree loL!

Don't dropshadow these

and Tip: take your eraser tool on a small, soft setting

and "blend" the edges of the single string of bulbs string into the tree more

Optional - open the cute wee rat - a raaaaat lol!

And resize 30% and C&P if you'd like

Shadow as before

Open Ghost1

Image, Resize 70%


Place as mine

Now take your chosen font

Black fill and no stroke

and then

add a Gradient Glow finish of your choice if liked

and dropshadow as before

Crop the canvas now


save as a transparent .PNG file

Thanks for looking


if you do the tut - enjoy! xx