Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Not Poisonous - FTU

For this tag, you will need

Tube Close Up of Choice - I'm using a gorgeous tube by © Ismael Rac

which I purchased @ AMI

Scrapkit - FTU - Poison Rock Girl by Bel Viddoti

Available for download from her blog HERE

I've seen this one around so I know it's not "new" but

it's fairly new to me, and I think it's cool :)

Note: Bel's TOU very kindly state that she does not

require credit on tags, thank you for that xx

My Mask - Vix_Mask363
which you can get from my tutorial website on the Goodies page

Mura Meister Copies Colour Dot

Xero Graphics Greyscaler

Start with The Usual


Open the frame07

Image, Resize 80%


Place centrally in the tag canvas

Open Paper 15


Place under the frame layer

Open Paper05

Repeat as above


Move the paper over on the left side - see my tag

to get the idea of where you line it up

Add a Dropshadow to this paper

2, 2, 45.00, 5.00, Black

Then take Magic Wand

Click inside the frame and

do a Modify Expand 4 Selection Invert Delete

on both paper layers

Open the Close up (or just the face of a very large tube)


Move it under the striped paper layer

but above the other paper layer

within the frame

Duplicate the tube

On the top tube layer - Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00

and on the bottom tube layer - Xero Greyscaler

on the default settings

Then back to the top layer

and change the Blend Mode to Overlay

Nifty, eh! lovely and moody effect -

It's like Minxy's method, but with a slight twist lol!!


Selection Delete the tube excess outside the frames

like you did for the Papers.

Open Paper20

Resize as before


Move below the other layers to

just above the White Back

and Apply my mask - Vix_Mask363

Layers, Merge Group

then apply Colour Dot


Value 100

Distance 2

Open the star03

Image, Resize 25%


Place centrally in the canvas

Bring to Top so you can see it

Repeat this with the star05

so this pink one will be above the black one




the pink one only

and then move it down slightly over to the left

so the two stars should compliment each other

Apply a dropshadow to each star - I used 2, 2, 45, 5.00, Black again


merge the star layers together

and now

Effects, Mura Meister Copies


and change the X and Y Sliders to 65


and then move into place to compliment the middle

section of the tag


Duplicate the stars layer

and move one right down the Layer

Palette to just above the Mask layer

Now take your Eraser and on the top one

Carefully erase from top right

down the edge

to just over from the staple bit of the frame on bottom right

See my tag for ref

Take care when erasing shadows etc

Now add the same shadow to the frame layer

Open one of the bows

Image, Resize 50%


Place as mine and shadow as before

Open the wire

Image, Resize, 70%


Move it over and line it up top left as I have

done so it's just touching the butterfly from the mask layer






and move both these wire layers down

to just above the mask layer

and apply shadow as before

Open one of the wordarts

I used Poison

Image, Resize, 70%


Now, place on the tag under wire layers

lined up with the frame at the top

and apply the same shadow

Add your name in a font and style of your choice

Apply any artist info required

Crop the tag canvas


save as a transparent PNG (delete the White Back when ready)

That's it - hope you enjoy