Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Forgiven - FTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using a beautiful one from the artwork of Anne Stokes

Scrapkit - a fantastic freebie by Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations called "Life's Blood"

Xenofex 1 Constellation
(not the very popular Xenofex 2, but the earlier version called Xenofex 1)

Fonts of your choice


The Usual - EXCEPT, if able/allowed in your forum,

650 wide by 600 height

I did for my example, so if you stick to 600 x 600 then adjust the following

resizes as needed xx

Open Parchment


Place centrally if your paste hasn't already

Open your tube

Keep Large


Move over to the left of the parchment layer

Apply a favorite dropshadow to your tube


Click outside the Parchment with Magic Wand on

0 Tolerance and 4 FEATHER - yeah, I know, Feather for once lol!


On the tube layer, hit Delete 3 or 4 times

Selections NONE

and on the tube layer

Change the Blend Mode to Screen/Overlay/Multiply/Hard Light or similar

(When you change the Blend mode, watch the edges of the tube

effect, and choose one that "blends" nicely at the edges of the Parchment layer -

or if you like the effect but it takes the tube right up to the edges, use a soft

eraser setting and erase sections of the tube and blend it)

I had mine on Hard Light and blended it - see below for my eraser settings

Now, open the Parchment Cluster


Place it over the other layers, and line it up exactly on the right side

so it matches the Parchment

layer and sandwiches the tube in between :)

Now, take your Eraser tool on a nice blending setting

Something like Size 140, Hardness 23, Step 5, Density 77, Thickness 100, Rotation 0 and Opacity 36


then, Erase the Parts of the Parchment Cluster that compliment the tube placement

You'll also need to erase (if you placed your tube as mine)

the wire on the top of the parchment cluster layer, but you

can leave the one on the right


Now Paste your tube again and

Image, Resize 80%


Move it over to the right of the parchment layers

Hide for now

Open the Frame Black

Image, Resize 50%


Move over to the Top right area of the Parchment layers area

(See mine for ref)

and make sure it's above the other layers

Now, change your Magic Wand to 0 Tolerance and 0 Feather

Click inside the Frame

and do a Selection Delete with an expand of 4

on the smaller tube

Selections Invert

Add a New Layer under the smaller tube layer

and floodfill Black or a colour to suit the tag

Selections None

Open the Candle

Image, Resize 50%


Place as mine to the left of the tag

Open the Casket

Image, Resize 60%


Place as mine

Open the Keys

Image, Resize 40%


Place lined up with the black frame as I've done

Open the Grunge Tagback

Image, Resize 80%


Move down the Layer Palette under all the other layers

Place as mine

Open the Rose

Image, Resize 20%


Place as mine


Apply the following dropshadow to all the element layers

EXCEPT the Parchment Cluster (the layer with the skulls)

and none of the tube layers

Dropshadow 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 Black

Now crop the tag canvas - I managed to get down to 630 x 550


now add your name and any phrase you may want to add

I used "Forgiveness is the Key..."

and...well, my name, obviously lol!

Add your copyright info and

any other info you may need

Optional - If liked,

Duplicate your Parchment Cluster layer

and on the top copy

Apply Xenofex 1

Constellation on these settings...

And you'll see it change on your tag, just adds a nice little touch :)

I've used this effect my own tags for years, and love it hehe xx

If it's too much, erase some of the effect with your eraser tool again.


Delete the White Background


save your work as a transparent PNG

Thanks for looking and if you have a go,

enjoy your tag :) xx