Friday, 23 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Rock Chicks Can Love Pink - FTU

To make this tag, you will need...

Tubes/Close Ups of your choice - I'm using some gorgeous ones by
© Keith Garvey
To purchase Garv's work to use in your own PSP tags - see MPT

Scrapkit - FTU called Rock Baby by Vicki and Tamie @ Pink Pleasures
Absolutely stunning kit, loved it girls, thank you xx
If you download it, please leave a little love

Mask - Vix_Mask147 - available from my tut site HERE

Wordart - by me HERE (Please don't use this for any other purpose
other than your personal tag making - thank you xx)

Mura Meister Copies

Xero Graphics Abstractor

Both these filters are freeware and readily available from the Net


The Usual

or for a bit of le difference! try 650 x 600

Open ele70 (Black Frame)

Image, Resize 60%


Place on the tag canvas towards the bottom...ish

See my tag for placement

Open RB_pp2 (Pink Paper)

Image, Resize 85%


Move down under the Black Frame layer

Duplicate the paper and hide one for now

Click inside the frame with Magic Wand

and do a Selection Delete (Expand by 4)

on one of the papers

Now duplicate the frame layer

and Image, Free Rotate, Left 20 degrees

Move this across so the bottom left corner

lines up with the other bottom left corner on the unrotated

does that make sense? Hope so, see my tag for ref

And move this rotated one down the Layer Palette

under the Original Frame and paper

Open RB_pp9

Resize as before


Move down under the rotated frame layer

and do another Selection Delete

Back to the unrotated original frame layer


And on the duplicate

Image, Rotate, Free Rotate 10 degrees to the Right this time

and move it so the bottom left point is just slightly offcentre

to the one underneath (the middle straight one)

Take another paper - you choose this time lol

and Resize and Selection Delete as before

Now move these two down below the straight frame and paper fill

Taking shape!


Unhide the dark pink paper copy

and take a mask of your choice or use my good ol' Mask_147

(It seems to suit a lot of tags and I'm very proud I made it lol!)

Now take your chosen tube/s or close up/s or

a combo of both

I used three close ups for inside the frames

On each one working on the left and right frames

C&P your close up

Place it under the corresponding frame layer

Selection Delete the excess tube

and Apply Xero Abstractor to the tube

(you may need to hit Reset to get it to work when in Xero)


Once applied, Change Blend Mode of the tube to Overlay or Soft Light

I used Overlay on my two tubes


On the central frame

I used a close up of the main tube I'm going to use


Selection Delete as before

But this time

Duplicate the tube

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00

and then

Apply Abstractor to the top tube

and drop the opacity of this top layer to 30 or thereabouts

(Additional, if like mine you're using the actual tube too, C&P

and place that now so you can see what you're doing)

I duplicated, blurred and abstracted that one too :)

Then add a favourite dropshadow to the main tube if using one

I used my usual at the moment - 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00, Black

Now then, back to the scrapkit for some more elements...

RB_ele49 (white sparkles)


Move to the top of tag and line up (see mine for ref)




Jiggle them around to get your prefered placement

(You may need to hide the White Back for the mo, to see what you're doing)

Open RB_ele2 (pink satiny rose)

Image, Resize 25%


Place on the left frame (see mine for ref)




Open RB_ele35 (black glitter splat)


Move it over to the left of the tag and line up as mine






Move these two layer down the Palette to just above the mask

RB_ele62 (the diamond stars)

Image, Resize 25%


Move to the centre of the middle frame layer

Mura Meister Copies


But change the Shift X slider to 80


the Shift Y slider to 65


and if needed, Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

and move down the Layer palette to just above the Black glitter splats

Open the Wordart I've provided for this tut


Place where you'd prefer it to go or where I've got mine :)

Now, add shadow of 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 Black to

all the frames, the elements - except the sparkles, glitter splats

and mask layer

But, on the Glitter Splats layers - add a 0, 0, 35.00, 7.00 Black dropshadow

on the Sparkles layer, 0, 0, 20, 5.00 Black dropshadow

and No shadow on mask layer!

Finally, add your name in a font and style of your choice

Add your copyright and artist info

Crop the tag canvas


Delete the White background and save as transparent .PNG