Thursday, 22 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Have a Spooky One - FTU

For this tag you will need...

Tube of Choice - I'm using a beautiful Hallowe'en tube by

© Barbara Jensen

Scrapkit - I'm using Spooky mainly, but one element each from It's Fall and Rock N Roll

All FTU by Bel Vidotti - and are available for download from her blog HERE

Note: Bel's TOU state that she does not require credit on tags :)

Masks - Vix_Mask365 and Vix_Mask147

Both by...well, me lol! And are available from my
tutorial website on the Goodies page HERE

Mura Meister Cloud

Xenofex 2 Constellation


Do the usual


Open e51 (the black dual frames)

Image, Resize 70%

(a little note, when I say to resize Images that are not

on the current tag canvas - then please assume Resize All layers is ticked...fankees xx)


Place centrally but towards the bottom of the main tag canvas

You need to leave room for your tube to go in the frame as mine


Open e14 (the fence)


Place under the Frame layer and move

down so the black edges meet

and the fence looks like part of the frame

Leave this for now we'll do some deleting etc in a mo...

Open e16 (the tree)

Image, Resize, 70%


Place as mine over to the middle of the left frame

and above the frame layer

Right, let's sort the papers and stuff and then come back

to some more elements and tube...


Go to the Papers

and get


Image, Resize, Change to Pixels from Percent

and make it 600 x 600 pixels


Move down the tag canvas to just above the White Back


Apply my Mask 365

Layers, Merge Group

Duplicate Mask layer

Open p30

Resize as before

but don't C&P yet - first, go to

Mura Meister Cloud

look for the Fog preset in the

dropdown menu

and change the Amount slider to 55


Now, C&P

above the other two mask layers

and apply my Mask_147

Layers, Merge Group

Move this mask layer a little if needed

I moved it down the tag canvas a bit

Open p28

Resize as before


above the other paper layers

and position within the two frames

Magic Wand on the usual settings

Click inside the frames

Selections, Modify Expand by 6

Invert and hit Delete on the paper layer

Selections None

Right, now then - we're whizzing off to some of Bel's other

kits for some elements :) So go to It's Fall

and find ifel19

(The owl on the branch)

Image, Resize 50%


and place as mine above the other layers

Now, whip over to her Rock N Roll kit

and find GlitterGel04

Image, Resize 60%

Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Colourize

Hue 11 and Saturation 172


Place as mine on the top right






and move these two gel layers

below the frames and paper layer

Jiggle the placement around a little if liked - I did :)

Back to Spooky kit

Open e31 (orange bow)

Image, Resize 40%


Place on the bottom left as mine

Now then, our tube

Open it


Place over on the right hand side frame


then when placed

as liked, move under the fence and frame layer

Note: you can add any tube effects you may use to it now, perhaps

one of the ones in my other tuts (Blessed or Spookyluscious)

Duplicate the tube

Move a copy above the fence and frame layer

Apply a dropshadow to the bottom tube layer if liked

and also

apply to the fence layer too...


take Magic Wand again

Select and Modify as before (right frame only)


Selections, Invert


Take your Eraser tool

on a smallish but hard setting

Size 60

Hardness 100

Step 5

Density 100

Thickness 100

Rotation 0


Opacity 100

Hide the top tube

and on the bottom one

Erase any tube that is sticking out under the frame layer

at the bottom

Go right up to the Selected part

Selections None

Now reselect both the inner frames

and modify expand as before

and this time


Activate the Fence layer



Selections Invert and

Hit Delete


Selections None

Unhide the top tube

Take your eraser again

and erase any parts you want/need to

so your tube looks like it's coming out of the frame and under the fence too

It might be fiddly and you may need to hit Undo if you erase too much etc

So have a few goes and get a result you like

You may need to change the eraser to a gentler setting -

Change the Hardness to 25 if needed

NOTE: If this is far too fiddly and you have problems getting a good erase result

then, delete the fence layer entirely and just have the tube coming out of the frame

using the same erase process as above.


On the Tree layer

Xenofex 2 Constellation

Star Size 2.00

Size Variation 100

Edge Star Density 3.00

Overall Star Density 0

Overdrive 100

Twinkle Amount 75

Twinkle Rotation 45


Now apply a dropshadow to the tree layer

I used 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00, Black

Apply same shadow to Owl, GelGlitters, Bow

and Frame Layers


Add your name taking a colour from the tag as

your fill, Black 2.00 stroke

and apply with shadow too

Add some wording if liked too - Happy Hallowe'en or

similar :)


Artist Copyright info

Crop the tag canvas as liked


guess what...yup, delete the White back

and save as transparent .PNG

Have fun blogettes!!