Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Do I Scare You? - FTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using one by © Cane Hoyer which

can be found @ MPT

Scrapkit - I'm using a fabulous FTU kit by Digicats (and Dogs)
- Thank you xx

It was part of a superb Fangtasia Blog Train and at

the time of this tutorial going up, it was freely available at

her blogsite HERE

Note: if it's not available when you come to do this tut, I can't actually
do anything about that xx But hopefully, it'll be up for a while :)

Mask - yup, it's Chelle's WSL_Mask220 which is fantastic!
If you haven't got it, you can get it at Chelle's site HERE

Xenofex 2 Lightning

Filters Unlimited 2 - Photo Aging Kit

Additional scraps if liked or needed.
I used some cool GelGlitters from Bel Vidotti.
And yes, I managed to get her on my tag credits too...but
I think I'm drawing at the line at no more that two
scrap designers in my tag credits!?! lol!!!
Otherwise this is going to start getting completely daft
(just my own opinion, lovely folks xx)


Right then ladies, the usual first...need a remind?

OK - New Image, 600 x 600 pixels, Add New Layer, Floodfill White


Floodfill a new layer with Black and another colour

of your choice Gradient

I used Red and Black Foreground/Background gradient

Angle 45 and Repeats 3

Floodfilled the layer

and then

I went to Filters Unlimited 2, Photo Aging Kit, Old Colour and applied that

to the layer

Open DCD_Fog

Image, Resize, 75% Smartsize


Move over to the Left side of the tag






Merge the two fog layers together

Important: Crop to the canvas size as there will

be excess fog outside the canvas and

the mask won't apply properly if this happens

So, now

Apply Chelle's fabby mask WSL_Mask220

Layers, Merge Group

and also

apply this mask to the Floodfilled layer

Open Spooky Tree 5

Image, Resize 60%


Position as mine

Open Tombstone 02

Image, Resize 40%


Position as mine

Open the Leaves Border

Image, Resize 70%


Make sure it's above the tree layer but below the tombstone layer

Position lined up over the tree at the bottom




and apply the Old Colour filter to both of these layers

Open Skull Candle Black

Image, Resize 40%


Position as mine

Now at this point, add any more bits and bobs you

might like to use

I added some Gel Glitter by Bel Viddoti to this tag of mine

which I obtained from a fantastic kit she made for a challenge over @ Creative Misfits

and which - I believe - is still on both her blog and the Misfits blog too.

But, use what you have at your disposal if you'd prefer or have something

that will go well with the theme.

Right then, add a dropshadow to all of the element layers

(Don't add it to the fog or masked floodfill layer)

I used my current fave of mine - 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00 but

it's pretty gopping so you might want a more subtle one.

You choose :)



Let's add some lightning to the fog layer

do this by activating the fog layer


Xenofex 2 Lightning

look for the preset Old Horror Movie


Drop the Arc Thickness Slider to 10

and click on the Glow tab in there

Drop the flash size to 0

Now, you'll need to move the position of the Lightning before you apply

so in the big Preview

Left Click and hold on the top left start point of the lightning

and now drag it down so it's more on the Fog layer bit?

cool huh!? lol!!

Do the same to the bottom right end point of the lightning (you find this by moving the

small preview square which is outlined in red)

Click OK to apply

See what it looks like?

Is it in the right place for you?

Mine was just behind the tree so the start point was nice and hidden

IF it's not - simply click Undo in PSP

then go back into Xenofex and retry your placement and apply again

You can add it a couple of times for emphasis if you'd like

or perhaps a couple of flashes in different places

Whatever you'd like - see what looks best :)


Last bits now...

Add your tube

Resize and place where looks best

Finish off the tube in a style of your liking

(Missy Minx, I can't stop using your way babes lol!!)

and add a shadow of your choice

Now add your name in a spooky font and finish of choice

I used a purchased glitter fill which I can't share - sorry xx

But, see what you've got in your stash and add your name

And apply dropshadow as before

Now add artist copyright info etc

Crop the canvas

Delete the White

and save as Transparent PNG

Finished! Hope you

enjoyed my tutorial