Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Spookyluscious - FTU

Tube of Choice - I'm using a gorgeous one by Ismael Rac

His artwork is available for purchase via AMI

Scrapkit - FTU kit by Ziggy called Trick or Treat

Download from her blog HERE

Thank you for the fabby kit

Mask - by Chelle WeeScotsLass - Mask_220

Wordart - by me HERE Colour Dot

Xero Graphics Greyscaler

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (optional)

Open a New Image in PSP - 600 x 600 pixels

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

Open Frame 4

Image, Resize 50% Smartsize


Move more centrally to the tag canvas

Open Paper 2

It's fabby!

Image, Resize, 75% Smartsize

which should make the paper 600 x 600 pixels


Move down below the frame layer

Load Mask - WSL_Mask220

Layers, Merge Group

on the Mask Layer - Colour Dot

Value 45 - Distance 6


Open Paper 1

Resize as before

Paste as a New layer under the frame and above the mask

Use Magic Wand to click inside each of the frame layer inner parts

Selections, Modify, Expand by 6

Selections, Invert

and on the Paper 1 layer - hit Delete

Selections None

Now, take your tube or chosen tubes

C&P each one on a new layer

Place the tube/tubes within the frame layer

Shadow if liked


Use Magic Wand Delete as before

Duplicate each tube layer

on the top copy Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 2.00


Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light or Overlay (I used Overlay)

But to get the effect I've got

on the bottom copy of the tube

Go to Xero - Greyscaler

on the default settings

Note: This setting is possible thanks to Ismael's very cool TOU which

allows colour changes this way - thank you Ismael, you're amazing!

If you are using tubes that are more strict in what colour changes or shade changes

are allowed (MPT's or CILM's or such like) check first before doing this Greyscaler effect.

If you're not allowed to do so - then don't greyscale it, leave it as it is.

Now, Ismael's Lady Pumpkin comes with little pumpkins to use

So, I used one of them

But you can use the one supplied in the kit or another of your choice

Place as mine

I also applied the same effect as my tubes to this layer

Open the Candy

Image, Resize 25%


Place to the right of the tag canvas as mine




Dropshadow 2, 2, 45, 5.00 Black

Open Button 1

Image, Resize, 30%


Place on the right as the sweeties




Same shadow

Open Bat 2

Image Resize as before


Place to the left as mine




Shadow as before

Apply the dropshadow to the frame layer too

Open the Spookyluscious wordart I've provided


Line up and place as mine

Apply a Eye Candy Gradient Glow if liked


shadow as before

Add your name in a font style of choice

Place where suits

Add your cr info etc

Crop the tag canvas to

get rid of excess overlay from tubes or anything else

You may well need to do this, 'cos I had to. I had

lines left over at the side from the shadow of the tube which remained

after I Magic Wand Deleted the excess tubes. And nothing can ruin

a tag more than that!


Delete the White Background


Save as a transparent PNG

Thanks for Looking xx