Monday, 19 October 2009

Tag Tutorial - Hellaciously Angelic - PTU

For this tutorial, I used -

Tube - by Ted Hammond which I purchased @ CILM
Artwork © Ted Hammond
If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM
However feel free to use whatever you wish xx

Scrapkit - PTU kit called HellScream by Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations
Thanks hun xx
I've written this tut with this kit in mind, but if you don't have it,
feel free to improvise with kits at your disposal :)

Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise

Font of your Choice


Open a New Image in PSP

600 x 600 pixels

Add a New layer

Flood Fill White

Open the Parchment Piece

Now...before we go any further, I shan't sport with your intelligence

by continuously repeating the phrase "Copy and Paste"

I'll drive meself bonkers if I do that!!!


If and when you see the initials


Then you'll know what I mean :)

So, Open the Parchment Piece


Place centrally to the tag canvas if not already placed there

Duplicate layer by right clicking in the Layer Palette and hitting Duplicate

On the Bottom Copy

Image, Free Rotate 10 degrees to the right

Duplicate the Top copy (the straight one)

and on the Middle parchment layer - Image, Free Rotate, 20 degrees to the left

Back to the kit

Find - Backdrop Pattern (It's the first element you come to)

And it opens at 71% size

So, we're going to resize

Note: Please note that ALL my resizing that I do is SmartSize option in PSP

I never use Bicubic Sample, maybe I should...but I don't lol!

Anyway - once you've opened the backdrop

Image, Resize 70% Smartsize ALL layers ticked

(again, this is something I do all the time unless I say otherwise. I'm just

putting this in now so I don't end up repeating meself like a soddin' parrot



Move down the Layer Palette to just above the White Background and line up as mine






Now, on each of these backdrop layers

Go to Eye Candy 4000 and apply HSB Noise

by hitting Reset to Factory Default

and you should get a nice assorted colour setting on the backdrop

Do this again for the other copy of backdrop

Open Cluster 2


Position as Mine on top left




Open the Drunes

Image Resize 30%


Place to the left of the tag as mine




Open the Glitter 1

Image, Resize 80%


Move it down the Layer Palette under

the Drunes and Cluster

but above the Parchment pieces etc

Now, open the SkullCabl (the candles on stand element)

Image, Resize 80%


Move over to the left of the tag canvas

below the Drunes layers

and position as mine




Open your chosen tube to use


Resize as needed

Place where looks best

Feel free to add an effect to the tube layer

(I know blur overlays/soft light is popular at the moment - I love it lol!)

Now then - dropshadows

For the Parchment piece layers - use 1, 1, 40, 10.26, Black

For all other elements (except the Glitter and Backdrop layers) - 0, 0. 35.00, 7.00, Black

and for the tube layer

Add a favourite tube shadow of your choice


Add your name in a font style of your choice

Shadow as liked too

Apply Artist Copyright info etc

Crop the canvas if needed

Delete the White Background

and save your tag as a transparent .PNG

Enjoy your tag and thanks for looking xx

This tutorial was written on 19th October 2009 by Vix
It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that
may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.
Links to tube/scrap blogs or sites are added either through necessity or creator courtesy,
and it is entirely up to the individual (ie. You!) if you choose to visit these sites and/or download/purchase from them.
Scraps used in my tutorials that I've obtained from PTU purchased scrap kits are NOT supplied
in my tutorials supplies. So please do not ask, 'cos the answer will be no.
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